ImageI could have been 11 or 12 then. I think I was chatting with elementary best friends Ella and Anna and we’re talking about the future, like having our own family, house, jobs, kids and all that suburban lifestyle a la Desperate Housewives (minus the drama).

I remember saying I would probably get married at 25. I was actually thinking then that my mom got married at 18, so marrying at 25 isn’t so bad. After all, that’s like a seven year gap and I would’ve already enjoyed my single status by then; got tons of money already after working for 4 years straight right after college graduation; and I’ve already met the man of my dreams and have proposed already.

Flash forward to present time.

I’m 23 turning 24 by September. In 16 months, I’ll be 25, half a century old, wiser, richer than my 12 year old self, yes, but not filthy rich the way I imagined I would be. Now, if you’d ask me to talk to my 12 year old self about marrying at age 25, these are the words that I would tell her: ARE. YOU. FRIGGIN’. NUTS?!

You just finished college, you’re still trying to figure out what you really want to do with your life and you’re saying you want to get married at 25? Was it just not that a long time ago when you’re so confused and frustrated with your life you don’t know what to do with it? Didn’t you just got over your quarter-life crisis syndrome, or so you thought? Haven’t you just got in in the broadcast industry you’ve waited for so long and are still making your way on how to make things stable? Weren’t you the girl who does not have a penny in your bank, and now that you have some few thousands you have saved from slaving your ass off, you want to get married? Are you nuts?

Sure, your mom got married at 18 and it turned out pretty well, but she said it herself, she missed out on a lot of things like enjoying her singlehood. Do you really want to go through with that? You hate kids and you want to take care of your own now? How the hell are you going to do it when you can’t stand taking care of your nieces for a day?

Did you know that God is saving up someone special for you daw that He can’t deliver him to you before you turn 25? Do you actually believe that? Hahaha! He just knows that you can’t handle relationships all too well, that’s probably the reason why THE ONE is still lost somewhere, or if ever there is THAT ONE, you’re not caring at all about him at this time, you’re too preoccupied with work, wanting to write a book, learning more about fashion, getting filthy rich and ogling Wentworth Miller, Adam Levine and Ely Buendia. Or maybe in Ramon Bautista’s words, “Halaman ka!” (I-google mo, wag kang tamad, please)

Don’t worry though. At this point, you may be a halaman, but you’re secretly and will forever be a Disney girl, just the tough one, Mulan probably. So don’t feel bad and still continue on dreaming of having your cute suburban dream of a perfect family. It may come true one day, who knows right? Maybe not when you’re 25, maybe when you’re thirty or thirty-five because you want to be thirty, flirty and thriving, right? Who cares if your society thinks that women who reach 30 and are still single are old maids? They’re just those who are stupid enough to get married early and not enjoy the best years of their lives being alone. 😛

Or maybe you’ll never get married at all because I just saw a photo of you with no head and you’re dying! Char lang! I’m just kidding with you and being the mean bitch that you will turn into twelve years after.


Now, just enjoy your life. That photo of you goofing around with the other show’s prop, that’s one of those carefree days of your life you’ll totally miss if and when you get married.