May memang kumakalat sa internet. Pero dahil nasa Pilipinas ako, at may pagkatamad paminsan,ngayon ko lang ginawa ito.

Ito ay ang dalawampung bagay na gusto mong sabihin sa dalawampung tao pero may mga dahilan na ppumipigil sayo dahil:

(a) wala kang bayag

(b) ayaw mong makasakit ng damdamin at balun-balunan

(c) introvert ka

(d) tinatamad kang magsalita pero hindi magsulat

(e) gusto mong gumawa ng mema post tungkol sa dalawampung bagay na gusto mong sabihin sa dalawampung taong kilala mo pero hindi mo masabi nang harapan

1. Feeling mo ang ganda ng bahay mo? May tulo naman! Makapagpaalis ka samin dahil madami kami, e kami lang kaya ang good payer sa lahat ng tenants mo. Wala ka namang binatbat sa mama ko. At sa mga taong pinapatulan ka. You’re saying ayaw mo makipag-argumento, but I know you do, and I’m not going to chicken out on you, you filthy, mukhang perang bitch.

2. Please, grow up. You’re not a kid anymore. Sometimes, she can’t help herself but pick you up like you’re a little boy who’s still taking his first baby step, but you know and I know that you are no longer that kid. What are you going to do when she gets fed up with you? I’d really like to see you try when that day comes.

3. Feeling mo maganda ka at ikaw ang reyna? Hindeeee! Promise hinde. Try mo maging masaya para sa ibang tao pag may ginawa silang maganda, hindi masama yun.

4. Thank you for believing in me. That I can be a good leader even if I don’t want to be. For seeing that I can give more than what I am already giving, for setting me free and allowing me to reach my dreams. Best boss ever.

5. I’ll be seeing you in Septemberrrrr! Is this your birthday gift for me? Hihihihi. Super crush! ❤

6. You sure are one of the strongest persons I know. And I really am thankful to have met you. I know that you have my back for whatever shit I'd throw myself into, you have been since day one of being friends in college. Sus, if you're reading this, I know you already know who you are. I know you will be a supermom. Give me tips if ever I become one. And yes, I still owe you a stripper.

7. Glad to have met you girls. Para sa mga nakakabusog na pagkain at kwentuhan, bonding-an at pagtataka ng mga tao kung friends ba talaga tayo dahil naglalaitan tayo. Well, all I'm saying is, fake friends stab you in the back; true friends stab you in front. lol. So, san tayo ulit kakain?

8. You have a bad case of tamaditis like number 3. How dare you tell me that it's not part of your JD? Why the fuck am I doing the shit you're supposed to do then?

9. Thank you, thank you po for all the kind words. Pasensya na if minsan feeling nyo ay tine-take namin kayo for granted. Hindi po ganon. SObrang bait niyo po samin na ang hirap suklian iyon ng mga ganoong bagay. Mahal po namin kayo. 🙂

10. I may not say it often. But I love you. So sorry if I sometimes act all PMS-y to you, you know how I get when you ask stupid questions. You sure are growing up so fast and breaking hearts with that handsome face of yours, but you will and forever will be my baby. Hehehe.

11. I know I am one your favorite persons in the world. Don't worry, you're on the top of my list, too. It may not look like that a lot of times, pero totoo yun. I have your back. And when will you ever get married?

12. I'm flattered. I really am. You may not know it, but subconsciously, you're doing it. It's the simple things. You may think that I'm too proud to say it, but it's true.

13. Sige inaamin ko na. Kras kita. Yun lang.

14. Thank you for everything. I hope those problems we've been through before, we really did get past through it. I hope that it will never happen again and ruin one of the things I'm extremely proud about.

15. You're never too old to change back from your old ways. Respect is something that people give because a person deserves it. If you want that, earn it. Your kids love you, they just have a funny way of showing it to you, the same way you do. Your eldest, she has many, many hang uos with your relationships, I sincerely hope that one day, I can see you both patch things up, that would be THE DAY.

16. Masama ba kung sasabihin ko sayong nakakaawa ka? Na kahit pinipilit mong baguhin ang ugali mo e yung una pa rin ang nakatatak sa mga tao? With all the kwento that I am learning about you, I do hope you find that guy who'd make you happy, so you'd stop being a grumpy lady. And please, keep the smoking on the down low.

17. Super thank you. I know that I am not the same girl anymore na parang pusa kung makalingkis sayo, prolly because I grew up. But that doesn't mean I love you less. I just run out of ways on showing you how much I love you. But I do, I know you do know that. With all the shit we've gone through, you are like a steel now. You will forever be my Superman.

18. I miss you. You may not know it but you are the glue that holds our little barkada. We miss you so much. Stay safe in that blasted country and come home soon. I miss your carbonara, the only thing you know to cook.

19. You don't know how thankful I am to you for helping me with the simplest stuff here in the house. The little things you do like looking for that damned cycling shorts or having my clothes ironed, truly grateful. 🙂

20. Thank you. I know You can read minds and all that, so I'm not going to say it anymore. And I'm sorry if I sometimes think you're putting me on "call waiting". Heh.