DISCLAIMER: I’d like to think that this is one of those memes that is all over the internetsss nowadays that only writers or feeling writers do this kind of thing (Date a Girl Who Reads, Date A Who Travels, Date A Girl Who Tweets and my friend Carlo’s controversial Catch A Man Who Reads published at Inquirer’s Young Blood). I don’t know what suddenly came up to me, I’m seriously not dating anyone as of this moment, if ever that matters, but I thought that researchers, or media practitioners in general find it hard to find a person who’d understand the way our jobs work, mainly because it’s no 8-5 job or the crazy call center schedule. It’s crazier, I promise you that. So here goes.

Edit: Due to recent turn of events, I edited some parts of this post. 🙂

Date a girl who does research for a living.

Date a girl who spends her time researching for inspiring, moving, life-changing, life-threathening and powerful stories of people than a girl “researching” for the cheapest online stores that sell sky-high heels that no one really wears (except for fashion bloggers, and only in their outfit shots.)

Find a girl who does research for a living. You’ll know that’s her because her bag is filled with shooting permits and details of her shoot, a notebook filled with contacts and her trusty netbook. She’s the one who can’t get her hands off of her mobile phone, because she always wants to be in touch with her segment producer, executive producer, and gahd her program manager or her contact for the freshest updates. You’ll see her calling somebody every fifteen minutes or so to make sure that her episode’s going to be worth watching or worth the Peabody Awards even. That’s what they call ‘serbisyong totoo’.

Sit beside her though when she’s feeling down because her guest backed out at the last minute. Encourage her when she thinks her episode cannot be salvaged anymore. Listen to her rants on her job. Don’t talk, just listen. Listen to her woes about her producer’s or her guest’s miscommunication. Hug her when she can’t take it anymore because she felt that it’s not at all worth it. Let her cry on your shoulder if she breaks down from all the work stress and that’s the only thing she can do to feel better. In time, she’ll collect herself and face everything again, head on.

Date a girl who does not only reads, but somebody who does research for a living. She reads a lot, and writes about them, too – from the most trivial news down to the nitty gritty of showbiz gossip. She knows inside gossip that even your chismosang kapitbahay doesn’t know. She knows who’s dating who, who is THE stage-est mom of them all, and which hunk has been hiding in “Narnia” all this time. You’re lucky if she works both in the entertainment and news and public affairs department of the network, she have more stories than Gretchen Wieners has under her hair. She may or may not share it with you, but you will ask it anyway; because in truth, guys are more gossip-y than girls. Yes, a girl who does research for a living knows that all too well.

She does not only know those juicy stories, she knows a lot of other things, too. She knows the best places to go on a date, whether you want to splurge or you’re on a budget. She has tried most of it with her media friends, or she has featured it in one of her shows. Not only that, she knows the best gift to give you on your anniversary; if you’re lucky, she DIY’d it for you even if she is that busy (she did search for the steps via the internet though).

Find a girl who does research for a living, she’ll never nag you why you can’t find the time for her. How can she when she doesn’t even know how she can do everything in 24 hours? But don’t worry, if she loves you that much, she will always find the time for you. She may make you wait for three or four hours in your meeting place, but please don’t leave; she’ll be there, for sure. She may cancel movie dates and anniversaries and birthdays, but please be patient; she really wanted to be there, too. So try to understand her and don’t make it harder than it already is. She just got stuck in work, because a researcher’s job is on call. That’s how dedicated she is. Look at the bright side; you can have time to bond with your bros, too. She wouldn’t mind.

She may ask you to fetch her at one in the morning, please do not disappoint her. In truth, she can ask the network’s driver to drive her home in the wee hours of the morning after her 72-hour shoot, but she probably just wants to see you, grab a cup of coffee, or even watch the sunrise together, if she’s feeling depressed or romantic.

Just don’t cheat on a girl who does research for a living. She’s a researcher for goodness’ sake. She’s stalking your social network accounts without you knowing it. She knows what you are doing even if you don’t report it to her. She even knows all of your exes, because she has investigated everything about you even before she agreed to go on a first date with you. You passed her standards, by the way. Don’t worry, she’s not narrow-minded. She knows what to and what not to believe. Remember, she has seen it all. She have met the biggest stars, the people seated in highest power down to the beggars on the streets and perpetrators she surveillanced for her investigative documentary show.

Date a girl who does research for a living. You’ll never have doubts about her cheating on you, because most of the people she works with are either gay or girls. Then again, she also works with matinee idols; if she’s that pretty, Aljur Abrenica may even have a crush on her and serenade her during one of their shoots. So don’t just stand idly by and believe that she’ll never leave you for Aljur’s abs or Ramon Bautista’s wit. So always make her feel loved, even if you only get to spend little time with her compared to normal couples.

You will have hard times dating a girl who does research for a living. She may make you feel unloved or taken for granted; but in her own little ways, she’d do unimaginable things only a media practitioner can think of. From the simple things like having Sam Pinto give you a birthday greeting or the President himself giving you a fan sign, to the bigger things like she writing something about you that you only see in the movies. She’s creative like that.

Find a girl who loves her craft so much she’s willing to bet everything for it. Win or lose. Even if that meant taking away her name from the CBB, keeping her from finding stories, shooting and writing scripts, and hanging out with her clingy friends.

She knows she might lose her dream job for it, but she believes that if that meant being a catalyst for fairness and future media practitioners getting the right treatment they deserve, then she’s all in. Go big or go home. You may not understand why she want to jump off the cliff, crash through walls she can’t break or slay dragons she posibly can’t fight, but trust her. You may think she has gone nuts, you may fight with her for her stubborness and unwillingness to follow the system and conform by it. But you should know that she sees what not everyone sees, she can’t be untagged from TAG. She is stronger than you think, she is fearless.

You’d grow old together, and she’ll share all of these to your grandchildren. How you understood and waited for hours, how hard it was keeping up or getting squeezed in her busy schedule, and how you fetched her at one in the morning or watched the sunrise together that one romantic dawn with teary eyes and a smile. She’ll even share old gossips on movie stars and newscasters that you never knew she knew, and she’ll be happy to share how happy she is that you stood by her decision and fought and supported her when she went Gabriela Silang on her own network, she just keeps on surprising you after all the years.

Find a girl who does research for a living, and when you do, keep her. Better yet, KEEP UP with her.