Contrary to popular belief, not all Darnas wear that iconic red two piece suit, complete with red head dress, red boots and that stupid thingy covering their thingies (I wonder if all Darnas had big “thingies” they need to cover it? Lol) and arrive on the war zone all made up you’d think it’s the swimsuit competition for Ms. Universe. Some of them wear white lacey bodycon dress, sparkly gold flats, big heavy floral bag (which is a mess inside) and a hot pink laptop bag on each arm with red-orangey lips to cover up the word “TIRED” splattered all over her face.

Mars Ravelo is super wrong. Nagda-Darna na ko, bat hindi pa rin ako nagta-transform?!

In reality, not all Darnas have long wavy locks; some of them sport boy-short hair for minimal maintenance so they can channel those precious five or fifteen minutes for more important things like having to extend their sleep by fifteen minutes than comb their hair. (Yesterday, I went towork without having to comb my hair, apir!) And boy, that is super helpful, if you’d ask me, especially if you’re super late.

Real life Darnas do not deal with Valentina, Babaeng Chorva, ahas na Kembot, at kung sinu-sino pang kontrabidang napaka-pinagisipan talaga ang mga pangalan. What they deal with are deadlines, requirements, “eere na ko, wala pa kong permit” shits that are far more challenging than those mentioned above. Because you know, unlike those “well-named” villains that we are all sure that Darna can kill, real life Darnas can get their asses kicked by the more powerful bosses if the ratings go down, or worse, they need to air a replay instead.

They don’t need a metro filled with screaming people for war zones, a small cubicle, a computer, a net connection, and sometimes, the ring of a cell phone is all there is to it to rattle them, or make them put DEFENSE MODE ON.

Apart from that, they also have to deal with girl problems like relationships, pimples, the perfect shoes to wear, and of course, menstrual cramps. K

But of course, like Darna, we still get to have a life. You just need to know how to squeeze it in your busy schedule.

Like last Tuesday, I was able to attend a good friend’s wedding, after doing research, going to a shoot and coordinating for a shoot. Thus the photo of me bringing everything from the office to Tramway in Timog, thank God, it’s a stone’s throw away from where I work, tumambling lang ako papunta dun. Then just this Wednesday, I’m proud to have been able to catch at least one Cinemalaya film, thank you Macky for dragging me out of the Powerhouse cubicle and bring me to Trinoma even if I had to treat you to milk tea, some friend you are. Lol. Although my Thursday and Friday were bizarre with all the workload I have to juggle, I’m hoping against hope that I can, no, I WILL get over it.

With all of these said and done, (well, others I’m still doing) I’m hoping that by Tuesday, mailuluwa ko na rin ang bato at makakasigaw ng “NARDA!”