The last few weeks had been sooooo stressful. Well, everyday IS stressful if you’re working in the media juggling three different shows. Sure, the pay is good, but then you think about the things that you have to do and the zero social life that you have, now you’re having second thoughts. That’s for another post though, wait for it.

So my friends over at GMA thought that hey! We should de-stress so we won’t get maaad, sick, stressed out or burned out with our work. We’ve been planning on what to do with the limited time that we have.

So I got this text message.


It was a Wednesday. I got super bembang-ed that I thought screaming “Omaygad, swallow me earth, Omaygad, swallow me earth, Omaygad, swallow me earth” on my mind would save me from that dreadful meeting. Anyways, I got out alive, as you might have noticed. Heh.

We then attended the creative writing seminar (which deserve another post). Learned a lot! Then off to Heavenly Chocolates!

The place for choco-holics! Sorry I didn’t get an establishing shot. ‘Twas raining outside.

So we had chocolate pizza, chocolate pasta, regular pasta (di ko maalala yung tawag!) and choco chillers. Chocolate overload!

Choco Chiller: P120 (Look at Ate Cheng’s nails. Yan ang beefr)

Chocolate pizza: P150. Shit, I’m in love with this. Definitely coming back for this one!

Chocolate Pasta: P150. You’d think it’s yucky, but noooo! Not too sweet as I’ve expected, though.

Serrry. No product shot of the red sauce pasta. But it’s a good alternative when you’re all yucccch from too much chocolate.

Find Heavenly Chocolates at 127 Roces Avenue 127 Don Alejandro Roces Avenue, Lungsod Quezon 1104 and get this reaction from me as well:

Yes, they sell that chocolate. My first reaction was: “OMG!” How very apt. Excuuuuse the haggard pimply face though, I told you I’m stressed out. *excuses, excuses. lol

Afterwards, we went to Glam Nails Sgt. Esguerra for some pampering.

I looove Ate Dina! She’s so gentle, mani-pedi seemed like a breeze. No murdered nails! Yey! (I always get my nails done through home service before but I think I love her more!)

Happy nails! This is still my current nails, no chipped ones yet! Nope, Ate Dina didn’t get confused with the colors, I asked her to color my ring fingernail different to give it an ooomph. Just trying out the new thing in the US now, Ate Cheng and Ate Anna joined in the fun too!

Dianne followed at Glam Nails. Jocel ditched us because she had to write her script. Booo! Here’s us happy and de-stressed girls. For the day, that is.

I wish for more days like this.