When I tweet that my new peplum skirt almost killed me, it was true. The blog’s title is also true, although not figuratively, but literally. Because I almost got myself dragged, well if you’d think about it, I did get dragged, about ten steps away from where the jeepney first stopped and I got out. And it was all because of my new skirt.

I was a FASHION VICTIM, almost.

Here’s how it went: I met with old college buddies Ghe and Issa to catch up at Giligan’s in Makati then went home. I took the same route I take when going home, unluckily riding a patok driven by a harabas, arrogant, kaskaserong schmuck who kept on saying side comments about his passengers.

Because I do not want to be yelled at “Bilisan mo, dali dali,” when I get off, I hurriedly cried “Para!” went down and noticed that my skirt got stuck to the jeepney’s door. Damn. But before I was able to unlodge a part of my skirt that got stuck, the driver drove off, dragging me some few steps away from where I was previously standing.


Super nakakahiya. I actually thought that I was going to die, and that I’m going to get myself dragged from Sampaloc to Divisoria, or until a passenger yells “Para” then I’ll be very injured I wouldn’t be able to work for a while. T.T Or my skirt will get ripped and I’d go home wearing cycling shorts. Que horror!

Call it stupidity or whatever you may want to call it; I got out of luck or just plain old Kamatayan poking me, or even my kaartehan killing me, I’m just glad I got home scratchless. I just hope that the people inside the jeepney I rode and I will never cross paths again. I mean, seriously, who would forget that incident?

I actaully imagined the headline na:
Babae, patay matapos makaladkad ng palda niya.

Yuck! Lakas maka-Bulgar headline ng gawa ko. lol.

Lesson learned: Veer away from patok drivers. Rumaket pa ng bongga para makabili ng kotse at di na maexperience ulit ang horrific story na binablog.


I didn’t know that if ever I died that day, ang chaka ng last post ko sa WordPress. This made me realize that kung hindi pa ko nadisgrasya, hindi ko maaalalang may blog pala ko. Tapos ang chaka pa ng last post ko. So from now on, I’ll be blogging again, and think that my last post is going to be the best ever para ung una niyong mababasa sa page ko ay hindi naman kahiya-hiya.

My hiatus is officially over. Screw you cyber police!

Let it be known that as I am typing this, I am soooooo sleepy I wasn’t able to proofread or whatever. So screw you grammar nazis as well. 🙂