Or that moment when I wasn’t able to attend Penshoppe’s Spring Summer Collection 2013 where One Direction, Mario Maurer and other foreign stars may possibly make an appearance. But since I’m superrr lazzzzy to get out and MOA’s too far from where I live, I begged of Mark’s invitation, I thought, hey! why not still make this day a fashionable one and finally re-edit this long top from ukay I got for less than P50.

I’ve had this for months but wasn’t able to wear because it’s a bit large. I was thinking of making it into a bodycon but it’s too short so decided to make it a miniskirt instead.

I used my Forever 21 miniskirt as a guide/pattern to make things easier. Mandaraya! Haha! I worked on this for about an hour. Did a running stitch first, tried it on, and when I thought that the fit’s perfect, I did blanket stitch to make sure the stitches are all done!

Enough chitchat, here’s the before and after project. One of the many DIYs I have all lined up to spice up this blog. 🙂



And since digiprints, neons and rainbow colors are in this season, here’s my super duper cheap miniskirt, all made by me!


Excuse the bad quality photos, I only used my phone for this. I had no one to take my photos! Haha