As of this writing, I am still wearing my “Keep Calm and Carry On (the outbreak is spreading)” shirt from last night’s (Oct. 31, 2012) Outbreak EK.


Let me start by saying that Ate Cheng and I have been waiting for this for over a month. I mean we were supposed to do it in the BGC but we ran out of slots so we promised to do it next time. Well, actually, I half-dragged her into joining me in the race because she was afraid she can’t do it.

Freakin’ 5 km! Hrrrrrr.

We were supposed to be running at Wave 12, but we were late due to work (sometimes, no oftentimes, working for the media can be a social buzzkill 😦 I tell you). We arrived when the announcer was shouting “Last Call for Wave 14” Waaaaah! A little too late!

Thank God though, the organizers allow latecomers to still run in another wave. We picked Wave 19 so we can still change to our “final clothes” before the world ends. I picked my cutoff shorts, tank top and neon cover up so Ate Cheng can spot me right on if we get separated. Oh, and my ever reliable teal sarong so the zombies won’t see I’m still keeping flags from them. lol

We we’re running to the starting line because the organizers weren’t smart enough to have an organized claim-deposit baggage counters (so much for being called organizers, heh!)


Here’s a blurry picture of us moments before we run for our lives. Sorry, I was shaking before the start! lol

And then we run, run, run for our lives! WAAAAAAH! Zombies where every-freaking-where!

Joke! Lakad-takbo talaga ginawa namin last night. I almost puked my guts out because of that darned energy booster they give before you run that tastes like medicine. Oh, somebody did puke halfway through the race.

Some of the scariest parts include: 

  • where I lost one of my flags tons of zombies there I swear!, (once we get inside EK premises, since the starting line was near the parking lot) 
  • the foodcourt, (damn hard to run away from zombies with all the tables along the way. One runner, a guy almost shriek when we almost bump into each other lol) 
  • the forest! (where we got a pic with the construction worker zombies and mommy zombie)


  • RIALTO! and FLYING FIESTA! (huge wave of zombies!!!!)


Akala mo tapos na yun pala hindi pa. Ang haba ng 5 km I swear. I wanna die! #AyyPuta

I was screaming “Ate Cheng! Ate Cheng” half the time because I promised her I won’t leave her, pero siya?! Ilang beses akong itinulak! Anong klaseng kaibigan to?! Wahahaha

If you’d ask me about the crowd naman? Lots of conyo and paconyo kids where out there last night. They keep on talking in English, I don’t if it was because we got in the waves of maaarteng people, pero naman, sakit sa tenga tey!

I’d rather hear gay lingo than “I swear, I’ll kill you if you do that!” Ang arte. Ate Cheng said she looked back and checked out the girl who said that, she did look like a killer daw. Wahahaha!

At the end of the race, some girl asked me “Is it done?” to which I retorted with a smirk and a kibit-balikat (because I’m so tanga I dunno the English of “kibit balikat, okay?!) 

The zombies were great! Naaawa sila sa mga runners. Some guy screamed “Maawa po kayo isa nalang buhay ko!” lol. If that zombie we’re me, I’d get that flag for sure. Hahaha! Ruthless zombie ata to.

We had our picture taken with zombies, too!


Your religion can’t save you, eh?


Even kids get to scare the crap out of you!

Then we got the loot bags, ate and went home.

What a day!

Now it’s back to reality people! Must think about plans on how to deal with my deadlines unless I want my bosses get my head because of my many sabit. 😦 Last night was really fun, for a while, I literally ran for my life, or you know, ran away from my problems for a while. Yuck, cheezzzzzy.


Super glad to finish the race in one piece, 2 flags left, and no bruises (souvenir)! Yey!

I hope next time they’ll do Outbreak EDSA naman, I want to become a zombie. Cool, right?