BE WARNED: Wordy post ahead!


Whenever there are family reunions or friends coming over, my mom would never fail to share two stories about me: how much of a crybaby I was back then, and how I cried “Ayoko mag-artista, magna-nars ako!” when she dragged me to that atista audition I can’t even remember now.

My mom never failed to enlist me in barangay beauty pageants. lol. Pangarap niya talaga ang showbiz. Pero nasa industriya pa rin naman ako! lol

So What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I cannot remember wanting to become a nurse. But I do remember wanting to become a pediatrician and a lawyer, just because I wanted to have a “Dr.” or an “Atty.” attached to my name then. Thought it was cool. Haha! But when I learned that I need to study for 8 years more than the usual 4, I begged off, and decided I woud become a businesswoman instead.

It was in grade six when I told myself I’m going to become a businesswoman because I have this very pretty custom-made top and skirt my mom had tailored for me and it looks really classy and screams “BUSINESS!” I had to wear it because we need to make a “What do I want to be when I grow up” in one of our subjects.

I was also in the sixth grade when I found out my love for writing.  My English teacher Ms. Castillo was the one who kinda ‘discovered’ me. I was also very good in English during my high school years I even got the Best in English award twice.

Jumping Off The Cliff, Blindfolded

So when Daniel Razon came to my school as a guest speaker for our career orientation program, (he was a host for Unang Hirit then) I have finally decided that I will take Mass Comm in college. Kasi siya lang talaga ang nag-make sense! All the other speakers just promoted their schools and I know then that I do not want to study in FEU, UE, CEU or any other schools in the U-belt area because I feel like mapapariwara ako. Sorry, but all the temptation’s there! Admit it guys, and I’ll admit that I’m such a kaladkarin I might forget my get-rich plan once I enter the doors to all those billiard halls that got the boot from Imbestigador. lol. That, and we really don’t have the money.

Senior year in PLM. College of Mass Communication Foundation Day.

I entered PLM, as you may have known, got a degree in Mass Communication in 2009 and bummed for months.

I was lost.

I didn’t know what to do with my life. All my friends and classmates have started working for big companies, media networks, call centers, while I on the other hand, procrastinated. Waited. Weighed everything. Felt sorry for myself. Got jealous of Facebook and Multiply posts of friends who are finally earning their own money and telling myself “I can do so much better than her/him but why am I not in her/his situation?”

First Pitstop: My FIRST Formal Job

It was August 17 when I landed my first job at a small office in Makati. I got hired as a customer service assistant, and no it was not a call center job. My job description include getting all orders from customers, relaying it to operations, lying to big customers that their POs are on the way and accepting all the bitching of menopausal secretaries from big offices.

I lasted 3 months and 2 weeks on my first job. I pulled an AWOL because I can’t take it anymore. I sure as hell know I DO NOT want to be shouted at and I cannot even remember for one second if ever I was able to put into practice any of my learnings in college.

Second Pitstop: The MEAN(A) BITCH

Another reason why I pulled an AWOL was because I got a job offer at Ortigas and I was dying to have a breath of fresh air. It was a small events company that is currently preparing for its big event happening at Boracay.

I was an executive assistant/events assistant/events coordinator/brochure writer/tagatimpla or tagabili ng kape. In all fairness, I was able to put into practice some of what I have learned in school like writing for brochures, PR writing, etc.

But then something really bad happened between me and my boss that I left in April of 2010. I stayed there for 4 months. And no, I was not able to feel Boracay sands in my feet.

Third Pitstop: Building My Confidence And Feeling Needed And Important

I was out of job from April to September 2010 because I was a bitch. I tried applying for media companies but I only passed through exams and failed the interviews, I actually do not know why then. I lost my confidence. I felt that I am so far from that girl back then who is never out of the Top Ten her entire elementary and high school years; I have plummeted down from that girl who everyone listens to whenever she opens her mouth (I think). I cannot even passed an initial interview from media networks that time.

By this time, a small company from Makati kept calling me if I am interested to take a job as an SEO writer. I didn’t budge, but when they called for the fourth time, I told myself, “What the heck, I need the money, they need a SEO writer, I’ll try this one out.” Even though I don’t have the slightest idea what SEO is. But I did researched about the company and SEO writing before going there. I didn’t want to look like an idiot and humiliate my school.

To cut the story short, I got hired the same day, started the day after and as of this writing, I think I have written over a thousand SEO articles that some students may have copy-pasted (Sinotto) and used in their research studies.

This photo was taken during their Christmas party last year. Ako ay sabit. Haha! I was already working for GMA when this was taken.

I got promoted 2 months later as supervisor. I was like, what the!? Anyway, I edited articles, wrote PRs, blogs, did virtual assistance, talked to foreign companies’ reps, researched and all that SEO pizzaz.

I worked long hours that I felt bad for myself, specifically, my social life. I was burnt out. So I tried applying for networks again, and magazines. I tried Mega, but it didn’t worked out, maybe I wasn’t fab enough.

Officially my last day at Talent Shout. :’)

Then I finally got a call from GMA 7. I took the test, got interviewed and hired the same day. I told my boss then (from the SEO company) and she let me go, no further questions asked. Because she knew it was my dream, to work at a network and finally put into practice what I have learned. I officially resigned on September 16, 2011. I stayed in that company for a year and 15 days.

A Million Girls Would Kill For This Job

I’m exactly on my fourteenth month now working at GMA as a program researcher and it has been a rollercoaster ride. I remember blogging about working here as a researcher would be the dream job back in 2009. But now that I am here, well, it isn’t as sunny as I thought it would be.

One of my friends here in GMA, Macky, took this photo. He’s mocking me because cause of delay na ako sa movie na papanoorin namin. I think that was Requieme!

They say a million Comm grads would kill for this job. I’d say, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Read previous rants on working for the media to realize why I’m saying this.

Everything On Its Own Place And Time

You know what I have realized? It’s that everything that I have gone through in those companies that I hated doing I am doing it all here now and it all fits.

I hated customer service and pleasing everyone. But I do that here.

Goofing around with two other stressed out researchers Julianne and Miah to keep our sanity intact. 🙂

I hated being shout at, but I say sorry to contacts and managers and try to please them just to get things done. I cannot remember how many times I have swallowed my pride.

I researched before writing in my third job and I sure as hell do a lot of research on my job.

I coordinated in my second job and I do this everyday as a researcher.

I hated losing my social life and going home past ten in my previous job, but my job follows me even when I was in Batangas taking a break and even on a Sunday wherein God himself took a break.

Thank God I don’t have to make coffee for anyone here though. That was the worst thing I did that I did not even admit before.

Living Hell VS Living The Dream

I cannot choose though if I’m living the dream or I’m in hell, in the gray area probably. I mean I’m having a love-hate relationship with my job. 70 percent love and 30 percent hate. Because if you’d think about it, I have helped inspired people through the shows I researched for; I have entertained millions; and I have made people happy. Imagine, someone told me “hulog ka ng langit Ma’am” just because I was able to help her family, when in fact it was my job. I have been praised by THE Mel Tiangco twice for good research materials; I have been demeaned by a lowly manager once; I have been scolded (ng walang banlawan) and I have missed so many events and even probable dates, but it is all gooood.

Just like what we always say, “Ginusto namin to e.”

My Powerhouse family taken during the best team  building/planning ever at Pina Colina in Tagaytay. Will never forget this day. :)))

So to people who have yet to find their dream jobs, don’t worry, I haven’t achieved it too just yet, so just keep on doing what you think is right, trust your gut, close your eyes and jump! Who knows, right?

To kids who were like me once, don’t overthink, overanalyze and overreact, it will all come. The world is such a bitch, so toughen up. You may not land your dream job on the first try, but that is a step closer to it. Believe me, I don’t know how much of an idiot I am realizing only now that everything I have been through was all part of the plan. That LIFE is toughening me up for an even bitchier world known as media industry.

Yesterday, working for the media was my dream job. I chased it and I won. Now, I’m chasing another dream I have yet to divulge, but it’s all a different route now. Who says we can’t have many dream jobs?!