For the record, I love gay guys. I adore and respect them. They are so gay its infectious, I mean happy, and creative, they make good storytellers and scriptwriters and good performers, and they are so fashion forward I love them. Plus they’re so strong they defy people who discriminate against them and prove themselves over and over, I may be thinking they are the stronger sex. Haha. So please don’t hate me after reading this.

It all started when Issa shared this link on this page about Wentworth Miller supposedly “outing” himself as a gay man, with a picture of him and another gay guy walking along a street. And I just hate Wentworth Miller at the time. Well, up until now, thus the whole gay sulking I’m having right now. Wentworth Miller, Michael Scofield from the hit action TV series, Prison Break is rumored to be gay. Its so freaking ironic, to star in an action series, a PRISON series for that matter, and be a gay man. Waw. I hate him. I hate him so much I can’t stress it enough. And I hate him more for having a very cute gay boyfriend, too. Well, in that picture. And I f*cking hate him moooore for looking so happy in that picture.

I mean, seriously, its depressing. Did you know that I have cut a picture of him way back in college and I wrote an “I heart Mina” in his comic thought? Hahaha. Depressing. And I hate Isabelle, too. She felt sad, she needs company, and she chose me! Hah. I cease to be your friend. Hahaha. Echos. πŸ™‚ Waw, I even used a gay lingo right there. Damn.

Tell me, how do gay guys multiply? Is it some kind of a virus, a ‘bite’, like those in zombie movies? But why do they always bit cute guys? Is this God’s way of punishing mankind? By making cute guys like guys too, and in return leaving girls choosing the lesser cute guys to multiply and have ugly kids? Is this His punishment? Devolution? Or is this a way of ending the world? Human extinction? I mean seriously, when I was in elementary, the ratio was four girls to one guy, I do not know the ratio now, but I’m guessing its close to ten is to one. And then we’ll have to share straight men with the gay populace. Not to mention half of the straight guys are not cute, crass, perverted and polygamous. The other half are either dead, hitched or in a happy relationship. Nice move there. I smell human extinction by 2012. Echos. There it is again.

Is it not enough that guys are hurting a girl every second that we girls need another reason to hate guys? You think you like a guy and it turns out he likes another guy? What a sadistic world we live in. The whole point? I just hope that cute guys will not end up like Wentworth Miller, or Luther Marabe. Hahaha. Tsk. Tsk talaga! Why don’t guys in the likes of Tado become the gay guys? Why not? I wouldn’t even care. Please. Hahaha.

I still hope Wenty and his gay lover will become straight guys again. Super sayang ang lahi. Truly sad about this, I got even sadder by the week because of this. 😦

Now I’m done sulking, and ranting. I still love gay people. πŸ™‚



I wrote this article back in 2012, and today, the same person, Isabelle,broke my heart again when she commented on my Facebook status (which is totally out of topic from her comment) with this:


And so I made a FB status reply to her:

Capture 2

And since I really can’t move on and concentrate on work about this news, I posted this:

Capture 3

Oh, wow! Look! I’ve three shares already. Nakakaiyak. My gay friend Dickson commented though with “Party, Party!” Utot mo. Haha. Ang bitter bitter ko! Lol

Anyway, at the end of the day, I have a lot of respect for this guy. And he will always be the smart “fish” in Prison Break.

Dear Wentworth Miller,

If this post will reach you, I just want to let you know that your outing as a gay man adn sticking it to the Russians has made me love you more. I respected you even more.

Love you still,


Fangirl much.

Parang gusto ko na muna mag-leave sa opisina at manood ng manood ng Prison Break tsaka mag-walling na rin at maligo sa shower nang umiiyak. Wait, wala pala kaming shower. Tabo at balde lang.