IMG-20121109-00523I was in high school when my English teacher taught us the true meaning of a true love’s KISS. Char. Just KISS. She said that people usually shout “KISS!” during nonsensical public debates/talks and that does not mean that the crowd have a crush on the public speaker because it means: Keep It Short Stupid, or Keep It Short and Simple, if you’re not a bitch like me.

Anyway, I was on the ride home when I thought about having a new category on my otherwise semi-alive WordPress site. And you my dear reader have guessed it right! I’m calling this new category KISS: Keep It Short Stupid where I will try my damndest best to write articles/rants and whatnots in 300 words or less.

This is so I could keep the blog running and let’s keep the readers coming. Or whatever. I’m just trying to chronicle my super fabulous life (read: sarcasm) so I won’t forget about it when I’m 92 and pruning.

Here goes.

And that’s a hundred and seventy-five words for you!