So Julianne and I went to this nearby carinderia (we call this place many things: itlugan, fishball-an, banana cue-han, ihawan, depending on what you want to have for merienda) in Samar a while ago to get our daily dose of kwek kwek for merienda. We were with fellow annex-mates Gary, Czarina and Ate Tinz to blow off some stress by eating healthy and low fat snacks along with other stressed out people in GMA. Lol.

Anyway, Julianne was such in a giddy mood, I can’t fathom why and told her boyfriend James, who just got there, that we are kind of crazy for laughing every time we’re under stress. She shared that one time she and our friends (Dianne and Ate Cheng) all went to Glam to have their nails done when Ate Cheng still has lots of shoot and TC-ing to do, Dianne got her shoot cancelled and she still doesn’t have a group of Christmas carolers for her episode. She said “Para tayong baliw ‘di ba?” to which I retorted with nothing.



how we deal with all the crazy stuff in this mad industry we’re in



But what I really thought about what she said is that laughing over these crazy deep shit we always find ourselves in is not actually ‘kabaliwan,’ but our way of coping, de-stressing, and taking a break all in the hopes of trying to keep our sanity intact while trying to accomplish everything we have to do.

But then again, we also have to consider the fact that not all people in their right state of mind would take a job like ours. So maybe we really are “baliw.”




how crazy looks like