No, this is not a college frat party, we’re actually celebrating our fiesta here at Sampaloc, Manila where I woke up to marching bands and my mom yakking to my  tita to cook the food already.



I woke up to my mom’s blabbering while they were preparing this for my niece’s seventh birthday.

Anyway, that signage is actually our neighbor’s open invitation to women to come to their party, apparently, naked. Maybe that’s their way to hype up their party because every house is having their own party today. If you’re reading this and you’re not from the Philippines, think of it as another “Christmas eve party” or “New Year’s eve party” that we have here.

Boxing Match



From the right corner! Ting!

If you’re in Loreto, town fiesta will always be interesting than the other street’s. This year, I was able to witness my first live boxing match right in front of my bedroom window. Premiere seats beybe!





Better than the Pacquiao-Marquez 4 fight, don’t you think?

The fight’s rawness made me scream. Anyway, the bigger guy is kind of a cheat because he keeps on clinching the skinnier guy.



The skinny guy won! 

Had I put a bet on him, I would’ve won!

Happy Birthday Ate Xam!

Aside from the fiesta, we also celebrated my niece and goddaughter Xam’s seventh birthday.



Xyrille Anne Mones (XAM) turns seven!


The attendees!


Jeff’s one month old baby boy Stephen (above) and Jervy’s four month old baby girl Isabelle came to the party as well! They’ll get married soon daw (arrange marriage ang peg)!

It won’t be a fiesta or a seventh birthday without booze or videoke.



practicing for the second Powerhouse videoke match this Tuesday (Christmas partey!)


ang humamon!


Can you guess what jologs song Poipoi and I are singing?

Okay, you know that I’m not exaggerating if I said that almost every home has a videoke during fiestas, right? Filipinos love singing, that’s why. And one of the most popular songs today that almost every other home videoke played was “Pusong Bato.” Lol.

Here are other pics from today before I forget all about them (photo dump)



I looked like a friend’s girlfriend in this shot. lol


camwhoring with the pretty Paopao


a fiesta won’t be a fiesta without colored chicks! (Peyu’s and Tristan’s)


finishing Ate Xam’s birthday cake


I’m almost done but I still want mango-flavored ice cream. Pig out much?

Other pictures dumped at Facebook. Hope you’re having a great day. It’s already Monday. Heh. 🙂