the ticket

I attended my very first GMA Christmas Party for all employees: talents (aliping saguiguilids) and regular(aliping namamahay) last Dec. 14, 2012. It could have been my second time, I just didn’t attend the first time because I don’t have friends yet (don’t judge me, I’m not friendly at all!) and the few people I know ditched the event as well. So I opted to just go home.



the stage is set

Anyway, I learned on the day itself that I can only go inside Amoranto Stadium if my Talent ID is validated. And I, being the diligent employee that I truly, truly am, didn’t bother having it validated because I didn’t have any contract to prove that I am still working for the network, although I have three shows then.

So I thought all my hopes of winning in the raffle are futile. I still went though; maybe I can sneak inside and get free dinner. Lol. I went with Ate Cheng and Ate Ana together with their Best Men family (sabit much ang peg) where we rode JM’s small car. I could still not fathom how we (8 people) were able to get from GMA to Amoranto in a car that is supposed to seat four people, but let’s just say we all have a bit of contortionist in us.

In The Time of Nick

I wasn’t in the list. Of N&PA but was in the entertainment list so yay me! I was also able to put in my name in the raffle and prayed to win even just a small prize.

Getting Lost And Finding My Team



Jerome, Sir Bri, me, Rouel, Ate Abby, Julianne second row: Kuya Billy, Ate Joy a.k.a. the best team evurrr 

As I’ve mentioned, I was Best Men’s ampon until I was able to find my Powerhouse family along with other prod admins. I got lost really, because there was this sea of familiar faces, but I really don’t know any of them. Then I found out, Ate Abby and Rouel were already laughing at me because I got past through our table already. Anyhoo, Julianne experienced the same thing later that night, so I’m no tanga at all, because it was really confusing, okay!

Kuya Mondi, Andrew, Ken and Dianne weren’t there though. 😦

Pinoy Henyo and Oppa FLG Style

Anjo Yllana and Ruby Rodriguez of Eat Bulaga! hosted Pinoy Henyo where N&PA won. Although we didn’t won in the rock band contest chorva because we didn’t have a file video of GMA President’s Felipe L. Gozon dancing to Gangnam Style. Who would beat that? We only had reporters who have musical inclinations and nada!

“Ako Na Yan!”



hindi kami nanalo sa raffle. Obvious sa face ni Rouel. 😦

I have a confession to make: I have been practicing my winning face should my name is picked from the ballot. I don’t know if you do that, too. But I imagined myself jumping from my seat and shouting, “Thank you, Lord! Pinanalo mo rin ako!” Then again, I wasn’t able to say that out loud. They have called winners of 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K but I didn’t win. Huhu. Raffles are really not in my stars. So is Ate Abby, Ate Joy and Rouel, we’re like the four people who are crossing fingers every time a name is called. Lol. Buti pa si Jerome at Julianne, hindi umasa. Kasi hindi naghulog ng names sa ballot. Lol



yung naka-green sa likod nanalo yun! haha!

Lucky people though were Ate Ana who won 5K, Ate Cheng who won Petron gas chorva, Sir Bri, Ma’am Nena, Kuya Dennis who all won 5K worth of GCs and the biggest winner of them all, Ken, who won 10K (from Ninong Manny) and another 5K in MMP’s Christmas party. Lucky sons and daughters of (insert cruel word here). Remember their names, sila po ang mga hoholdapin natin. And that girl few tables away from us who won that freaking 50K!

Christmas Party Turned Comedy Bar

The highlight of the event though would be Gladys Reyes, err, Guevarra who sang and entertained us with her wit and naughty, dirrrty antics. Lol. If you want to know more about that, please contact Chissa Cajigal and Ana Rodrigo to get a very visual story of what transpired. 😛



FLG’s nakakakabang speech!

I think that was it. Oh. FLG had his speech where we all have to gasp and sigh and breathe and feel all butterflies-in-the-stomach shit because we were waiting for his announcement of the bonus. Ha-ha. Mga mukhang pera!

Anyway, today we have learned that we are getting a small bonus as well for all our hard work, thank you very much.

Photo dump below! Thanks to Jerome na na-pressure mag-upload ng photos and to Ate Abby and Ate Joy na ninakawan ko ata ng photos for this posts. Others are all mine na!



ten-minute fireworks!

60920_3976858423190_1235534850_nphoto booth!

IMG_0226love team number one: Kuya Billy and Ate Joy

IMG_0225love team number two: Kuya Dennis and Ate Mariza (ako yata ung secretary ng fans club nila)


love team number three: Julianne and Mina. Yuck! Wahaha. Haggardo Versoza levels!