“Five, four, three, two, one!!! Happy New Year!” the people all yelled, and then there were hugs and kisses and merriment in the air.


As the clock strikes twelve, fireworks lit up the starless sky. Everyone, especially the kids, looked up with awe in their eyes; I, on the other hand wondered how much was spent on the fireworks display and if it was all worth it. Same old pessimist me, it was a brand new year after all.

We have survived the most discussed, the scariest, and the most filmed date/apocalypse of the year: December 21, 2012. Maybe it is something we should all be happy about. Maybe it was worth that fireworks display. I smiled at the thought of how everyone panicked and thought it was really the end of times. I for one didn’t do my Christmas shopping ‘til after the supposed apocalypse. What for, right? Although I almost called you on the twentieth just to confess how I felt about you, all that what ifs shit. Thankfully, I didn’t.

“Wooooow!” a child exclaimed and I was back to reality. I shook my head, and saw you in the corner of my eyes. I tried to enjoy the last few minutes of the ten-minute fireworks display you dragged me into. You had that same stupid smile on your face you always have that annoy the hell out of me, mainly because I can’t read your mind when you do that.

“Bakit?” You asked when you noticed I was staring at you.

“Nothing.” I said. “You have that stupid grin in your face. Take it off.”

You didn’t budge and look up again.

So I did the same thing. I looked up and thought: you are my firework.

Never mind the smoke or the fact that I have a terrible asthma; never mind the fact that I have long convinced myself that I will stop liking you; because in that fleeting moment, I knew we were looking under the same sky, however artificially starred it was.

“It’s true, look how they shine for you, look how they shine for you. Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and all the things that you do. “


photo courtesy: scienceblogs.com