DISCLAIMER: For the record, I will never, ever (getting back together, charrr) call myself an ace researcher, because I’m really not. I know some people though. In truth, I’m just your average “masipag-minsan-tamad-minsan-raketera-resourceful-carefree-pa-charming-mischievous-nang-aaway-ng-SP-kung-kinakailangan-dapat-maganda-pa-rin-ang-itsura-kahit-ngarag” kind of program researcher. In short, the typical sumasabit-napupuri-minsan-favorite researcher ng mga SP. So whatever you will read from this blog is just a rant-y post that has been sitting in my desktop for days, and not because I am so freaking good at my job I should get promoted as program manager ASAP. In fact, I was actually contemplating on posting this but another researcher has been bugging me which prompted me to finally post this. (That researcher is bugging me as I type this disclaimer.)



proof that I’m just your typical researcher who wants to have fuuuun!

Dec. 7, 2012

If you are one of the six followers of this blog site, you already know the joys and pains I share about my work as a researcher (because I don’t really have an interesting life, just so you know.) Anyway, this post is inspired by Kuya Mondi’s experience with the news desk earlier when he asked for Ballsy Aquino’s contact. Don’t ask me where he will use it, the guy has so many shows I can’t keep track of all of them.

So news desk did give the contact but not without telling him: “Pinaghirapan po naming kunin yan e” which irritated him.

So I said, “Ang damot naman nila, ibang tao?! E kayang-kaya ko ring hingin yan kay Ate Monday e!” Ate Monday is this super duper guest coordinator who knows everyone!

Anyway, this made me think about all the other researchers who call themselves “researchers” when all they do is ask other researchers for contacts of artists, politicians and what-have-you that they need to complete all their requirements for their respective shows.

Don’t you just hate these people? If you’d ask me, I’d rather call them leeches, vampires even. Because they’d never stop until they get the very last drop of blood they can get out of you. I mean, come on, you know what you signed up for; do your job, unless you’ll give me a part of your TF, I’ll lend you my phone, siphon out the little contact list I have that you can get.

I’m not trying to be hypocrite because I do the EXACT same thing, because it does make life easier. But man, do you really have to text me asking for contacts of 5 different people in one SMS?! How thick-faced can you get? Are we even that close?

Try to make “asking fellow researchers for contact” as your last resort. In my case, I’d rather ask news desk than ask researchers who haven’t even seen my face for contacts of other people. Except for desperate times, they really call for desperate measures.

Please don’t hate me for venting; because it’s really not me, it’s you. Charaughts!



My “GAME ON” face. Don’t disturb me if I look like this. I’m working.


I’m not madamot with contacts, my researcher friends can attest to that. But if I worked hard in getting them, slave your ass off getting a hold of them as well. J