It’s Christmastime once again. Ho ho ho! Kala ko talaga hanggang December 21 na lang ang mundo, kaya yung malanding apocalyptic post ko pinost ko na agad, bago pa man magunaw ang mundo. Anywhores, enough of that Mayan end of the world thing, because I’m going to share to you how me and my family spent Christmas 2012 (as if you care, maybe you had a shitty Christmas so you’re reading how ours went). Charrr. It’s a verysimple Christmas and this is a photo heavy post. 😀


Poi started the videoke singing “Happy Birthday To You,” the only song she knows in the songbook.


Followed by Peyu who sang Taylor Swift’s Love Story, Pusong Bato, et. Al. Please don’t ask me kung san o ano ang pinaghuhugutan niya, hindi rin namin alam. 😛


Papa and Adelbert belting it out to “Ika’y Mahal Pa Rin” lol

Then I hogged the microphone for a long time because nobody wants to sing; until Adelbert and his girlfriend Kaye arrived and I forced them both to sing so I can eat Noche Buena. Lol.

A little trivia: Kaye’s family doesn’t have Noche Buena which was weird. I only found out when I asked her why she is still at our house when it’s already past midnight.

Noche Buena


What we had for Christmas:

  1. Assorted preservative-rich foods: ham, bacon, hotdog that is always present during Christmas and New Year.
  2. Chef Boy Loko’s (Papa’s, Mama likes calling him Boy Loko when he cooks) inimbentong chicken with baby potatoes. Yum!
  3. Spaghetti
  4. Kare-kare
  5. Ginataang kalabasa at sitaw
  6. Gelatin
  7. Cake
  8. Hot chocolate! Another thing that will never be out of our Christmas menu. One time Papa forgot to make one and we’re all like “Bakit walang tsokolate? Hindi na Pasko to!” so he was forced to cook it for us. J


Our very Christmas-sy Cappuccino flavored cake from Goldilocks!

Opening of Gifts

Of course Christmas won’t be Christmas without gifts for the kiddos!


Buknoy Poipoi’s mapang-asar may gift ako, ikaw wala!


Ate Pao’s gift from Tita Shey (me)


Ate Peyu and her gifts


Ate Xam came to get hers and her brother’s gifts. When she came though, Kaye asked her, “Alam ko handa niyo, spaghetti no?” to which she retorted with “Spaghetti tsaka cake.” Huli! Well that’s because of her face full of spaghetti sauce. Lol.

Pasko din ng Matatanda


We always hear oldies saying that Pasko is just for kids, but I beg to differ. Sure, they’re the ones who get the most gifts, new clothes, win in parlor games and get Aguinaldo the morning after, but Christmas is for everyone! I sure know this for a fact because I enjoyed it myself. It’s just a matter of having the right perspective and the right people to share it with. Sure as hell have both!




Oh, booze and videoke will make it better pala! Ho ho ho!


Even this little girl had funnn drinking Tanduay Ice in Yellow!


forever Papa’s girl! He says sorry for wearing no shirt the entire night kasi di pa daw siya naliligo. ho ho ho

So from my family to yours, hope you had a very Merry Christmas! :)))