IMG_0266A week before the holiday starts, my father got a text message from our relatives in Montalban inviting everyone for a get together because our sick tito, Tito Pogi wants to have one. Mom says “Ano ba yan, para namang nagtatawag na si Lorenzo. Tumigil nga siya.”

But I thought maybe my tito just wants to meet all of us. It doesn’t mean that he’s saying goodbye or whatever. I think he just wants to meet all of us again since he is always at home now, not being able to get out as much as he used to ever since he had been diagnosed with colon cancer sure took its toll in his life. Everyone at home leaves during daytime (his wife has to work and all his kids go to school) so I’m guessing he just wants to have a break and forget that he is sick come Christmas day.

So we all obliged. It was potluck daw, texted Tito Manny, who lives few houses away from them.

I was giddy all throughout the week because I know the Mones clan sure knows how to have fun. The last time we had a huge family reunion was when my Tita Dada came from Florida in 2010 and our Lola and my titos and titas in Leyte flew in Manila as well. It was EPIC.

Touchdown, Mental-ban

We arrived at lunch time in Mental-ban (Montalban, Rizal) and we immediately went to Tito Pogi’s house after visiting Tita D and Tito Manny’s (where the event will be held) house. I couldn’t believe what I saw. He was frail, had no hair and was lying on the sofa when we came. I immediately made my best effort to hold back all the tears.

I felt guilty for not being able to see him when he was in the hospital. I felt guilty when I failed to pitch in money when they were asking for help because I forgot to withdraw money from the back as I was pre-occupied with work. I felt guilty for not even asking about how he is whenever I saw my cousins go online on Facebook.

I seriously thought he was doing well in his medications because whenever I go online, my cousins usually post as if nothing is wrong with him. But it was wrong.

Old Vs New Memories

I tried remembering the old Tito Pogi from memory. I even told Cat, my sister, that she forgets to tell him his mantra. It goes something like: “Si Tito Pogi, ang pinakapogi, sa lahat ng pogi, sabuong kapogian!” Before though, he had to force and tickle Cat to say that out loud. I hope one day he gets well and I can watch him and Cat do the same thing over again.

He said his stomach was aching. He held Cat’s hands as if trying to get some strength from her. I wish he was able to do just that. Later I found out that they were not able to sleep well because his stomach was aching the entire night. Apparently, Tito Pogi ate two saba when he felt well. Tigas ng ulo.

But you have got to hand it to the guy though; he still has the same old kakulitan that we all love about him. Mama said he took morphine for the pain to go away so he can participate in the happenings that afternoon. After all, he was the one who insisted to have that reunion.

But it is Christmas so I am not going to feed you some sob story about my family’s demise. And since my Tito Pogi doesn’t want us to feel bad for him either, I’ll tell you more about what transpired in the family reunion.

Come One, Come All

If there’s one thing you need to know about my father’s side of the family, is that it’s BIG. Like Ramon Revilla clan BIG. Like I don’t freakin’ know all of my nieces and nephews and some cousins’ name BIG. Don’t blame me, even my mom can’t remember all the names! See, my lolo and lola had 13 kids, all are alive. And each kid, except for one had kids of their own. Now their kids are all grown up now and they all have kids. Now, my lola’s eldest son’s apo (my pamangkins) now have kids, which makes me a lola of 2 kids at 24 years old. Boo.


The Mones Kids. Not in the picture: Papa, Tito Yolly, Tito Peddy, Tita Dada and Tita Lily 

8/13 kids are here


Their offsprings. Shit. Please don’t quiz me on who are not in the photo. All I know is that my brothers Adelbert and Kuya TJ are not here. Others, I really don’t know! Maybe, 10-15 cousins are MIA. 🙂


The Apos. Maybe this is just three-fourths of the entire apos. Dami kong pamangkin! Ni hindi ko alam ang pangalan ng lahat!


Mga Nakiki-Mones. a.k.a Mga Nabigyan ng Apelyido o Tinanggalan ng Apelyidong Mones. Hihi.

My mom’s the second girl from the left. 9/12 in laws. Matandang binata yung isang kapatid nila Papa. haha!


nakiki-Mones part 2. In laws (wives of my cousins.)  🙂


apo sa tuhod and their fathers. Ang kikiri ng mga kabataan ngayon! lol

Funnnn and Games

My mom and Tito Nestor’s new wife (hehe) hosted the games for adults and children. If there’s another thing I have to tell you about our family, is that we are verrry game and open to things that may look like bastos to some. Pero bastos naman talaga e!  but I think that’s okay though when it’s all about fun, fun, fun!

Pabitin for Kids. Peyu was super galing! She got 3 watches and 3 ampao! Quotang-quota si bakla!


Pinoy Henyo. To which they teased me and Cat, more on Cat, because of what happened when we joined Pinoy Henyo in Eat Bulaga! (Yes, we did!) and we got disqualified. Lol We didn’t win in this game as well. I got the answer in 17 seconds and our cousins got theirs in 10 seconds I think! Superrr swerte because their word was super easy (computer) and ours was (Barbie)IMG_0262

first pair Idoy and Gardo:

Word: itlog na Maalat

Time: 2 mins. Di nakasagot!


second pair: Klysly and Krizen a.k.a the Muslim sisters

Word: lechon

Time: 42 seconds


third pair: Chill and Cat a.k.a the veterans (pero olats!)

word: Barbie

Time: 17 seconds


fourth pair: Jobelle and Ate Jasmine a.k.a the Policewomen

word: computer

time: 10 seconds or so

Newspaper Dance. I didn’t win at all! My partner has no sense of balance! Lol And the other team was shouting, “Ibigay niyo na samin! Matindi pangangailangan namin!” Hohoho


Banana Eating Contest SPG version. Husbands and wives game! Okay, I’m not going to be all virginal on you people, but this is so bastos, like the girl is giving the guy a good blow. Okay. Forgive me for I have sinned! Amp.




Tito Pogi and Tita Joy won!

Iputok Mo! Game for adults. Mga mag-aasawa where they have to pop a balloon using the guy’s crotch area and the girl’s butt. Lol. Nakakaloka kasi we thought it was hard but I heard 3 or 4 poppping sound when they said “Go!” Lupeeet ng mga Mones! Amp.


the couple with the yellow balloon won! Tito Manny and Tita D.

Trip to Jerusalem SPG version. No seats required, only talongs held by boys, pinag-agawan ng girls! Some of the talongs were halved! Grabe


the boys all dirrrty. lol


where they won again! Magsabi kayo ng totoo! Sakit-sakitan lang to no?! Kidding!

Of course there’s videoke, laughters, more kwentos and catching ups, and “San ka nagtatrabaho?” and “Bat wala ka pang boyfriend?” shit questions that were thrown. Might make a separate blog post about FAQ on Reunions.



We went home around 10pm. Peyu said, “Akala ko ba Mentalban, bakit Montalban nakasulat sa jeep mommy?” Well, that was an inside joke as we always say that our relatives who moved to Montalban are retards (joke lang ha!) so we call the place Mental-ban! 😀


I bid goodbye to Tito Pogi that night. I knew he had fun. I’m so glad to see him and his family pulling through in these tough times, especially Tita Joy for being so strong, I admire her. But then again, he has an even bigger support group that has been praying for him. Heck, he does not have only Catholic relatives praying for him, he has Muslim relatives as well! If God won’t hear our prayers, I don’t know what else will.


Here’s to more reunions. I hope next year, you won’t need morphine to make you well and celebrate with us. I hope next year, we’ll be celebrating your recovery as well. I hope next year, you will be this guy throwing my hands up in the sky again:


I love you Tito, you will and forever will be the most pogi of them all, bar none.