My Pagongs Issa, Ghe, Cha and Jovi finally met last December 27 for our Christmas dinner. Yay!


Issa, Ghe, Cha (leftmost part mula sa dulo)

me, Jovi, Dickson (rightmost part mula sa dulo)

What made it more bonggers is the fact that Dickson joined in the funnn too!

Anyhoo, we went to Papa John’s at Greenbelt 3 where we had a rather okay dinner. So keri lang kahit first time ko pa lang kumain sa Papa John’s since wala naman pala talaga akong na-miss. Sorry Papa John’s fanatics (if there are any) I really didn’t enjoy the food.

Originally though, we were supposed to eat at Amici or Banapple at Ayala Triangle Gardens. I suggested the place because I really want to see the lights and feel all Christmas-sy but the place was packed, I thought I was in a well-lit Divisoria. For real!

Too bad I didn’t get to have photos because I was super disappointed with how the place looked like. 😦 Yun pa naman ang plano ko, take good shots with my friends, buti pa sa Glorietta, we were able to take shots before.



Like this one nung nakaraang Pasko!

Anyway, we decided to go to Greenbelt na lang since it was just a tumbling away from Ayala Triangle Gardens. Charrr! The place was full of people as well (akala ko naghihirap mga Pilipino pero hindi yun totoo!) we scoured more than 10 restos to dine. Hirap amghanap I swear!

We had a table reserved at Papa John’s but I needed to pee so we went inside the cinemas. Issa saw Capricciosa, an Italian resto owned by a Japanese chef (nabasa ko sa menu kasi ang tagal dumating ng iba!) and we decided to eat there because it was in the quieter part of Greenbelt.

When Dickson, Jovi and Ghe came though, they want to eat rice daw so we went to Jollibee. Charrr! Haha. We went back to Papa John’s which was just perfect because they were already calling our name.

We had that promo package good for five and Dickson had rice with bacon toppings and cheese (similar to that of rice toppings ng Greenwich) which he didn’t enjoy as well. I didn’t have any photos of the food kasi I’m not the Instagramming kind, loljk.



Cha, Ghe and Issa (who is sick and still doing work before this shot was taken! Kaw na ace employee!)

Anyway, Chaching came late. We had our exchange gift, wherein I didn’t get any (Sabel utang mo!) lol and Dickson shared his many chismis from the entertainment industry having been working for ABS-CBN ever since he graduated. lol.



me, Jovi and Dickson

Anywhores, I’m keeping my mouth shut about all the things he “spluk” becaus eI know he’ll keep his mouth shut as well for all the things I “spluk.” Charot! Wala akong sinabi! Mwehehehehe.


Although I didn’t enjoy the food, I still enjoy the night with my friends. I rarely see them, and we are rarely complete during get-togethers but I’m really glad that after all these years, what with Jovi having two kids already, and the rest of us trying to figure out what we really want to do with our lives, we are still the same old Pagongs that we are. I don’t really have too many friends because not too many people dig my attitude (I can be brutally honest and not everyone likes that), lol, but I’m glad these girls stick to my side. 🙂


Yuck, I’m not going to be all mushy but I really love these girls to bits! I hope everyone will have friends like them: a manager and the brilliant naks! (Issa) lol, a mean girl and a tough mom (Jovi), a comic (Ghe) and the kindest, most hardworking, crybaby pagong evurr (Cha) who cried most for our thesis, lol. And then of course there’s Dickson, who’s everybody’s boy/gay friend you’ll surely lurvvve. He’s our adopted “Pagong” after he shared all the gossip he knows. lol. Minsan po talaga chismosang frogs kami. Sareeee.

Photo dump!






Let’s meet up again sooooon! Cheers to a better year! 🙂