Or better yet, let’s call it “Ano ang iyong kapalaran ngayong taon ng ahas, Ahas?”

DISCLAIMER: Long post ahead. Future ko daw ito kaya understandable na mahaba, okay? I’ll tell you where to find the tarot card reader if you want! Now, read!

Naalala ko sabi ko I want MY 2013 to be as unpredictable as possible. I want to accomplish more, scratch things off of my bucket list, do crazy things and when it’s 2014, I’ll look back on how my year went and it won’t be as “blah” as I thought it would be.

In all fairness, on the first day of the year, I already did something unusual from my usual January first. I had my cards read for me that night. That’s a first for me too!

Call it coincidence, luck or me being more connected to the internet than ever, but I just read this over at Gayuma Ni Maria’s page just when I was checking if they are open on holidays.

It read:


So I thought, hey why not right? Nothing bad really comes from having your cards read.

So I brought along my sister Cat and my brother Adelbert to Gayuma. It’s their first time to this resto!


We arrived early so we dine and waited for the tarot card reader. Cat was getting itchy knowing what the future holds for her she keeps asking the crew when will the “manghuhula” come.

We surrendered when the clock strikes 7 and the “manghuhula” is till MIA. Maybe he/she forgot to predict we’re coming. lol. Anyway, as we were going out of that quaint, weird, creepy but indie somewhat hippie resto, the crew called us back because the manghuhula arrived.

Cat was the first to get her future read, and then I and Adelbert went last. All I know is that the tarot reader knows daw that she’s (Cat) a shopaholic, and the dominant lover. She didn’t want us eavesdropping in her future.

IMG-20130101-00852Cat having her first tarot card reading. She’s Marvin’s first customer this year too! I was the second!


Draw 15 cards at random, he said. So I did.

He reveals the cards one by one, reading, assessing them, while I, on the other hand, waited. In vain. Observed, too. Trying to look for clues as to what will the cards tell me.

He said that I’m under financial rubble.

TRUE. In fact, I’m handling just one show right now and it wouldn’t do me real good if I keep the lifestyle I am doing, what with constant shopping and eating out. I am also almost out of my parents’ wing so I really need another raket if I want to keep the little savings I have.

Said it would be best if I would move out of the family’s house and try living on my own.

TRUE. As I’ve said, I am almost out of the house. Yay me for trying to become an independent girl. He said that moving out would help me gain freedom, confidence and independence, which I think is just common sense. That or I’ll end crawling back to my mother’s embrace asking her to take me back. Let’s hope that wouldn’t happen though.

Said GMA is not the last company I’d work for.

I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR ME. Although he did say that I may still work for the company but in a different position. Syempre, ano researcher forever?! Walang planong umangat? Lol. He also said that my cards show that I have impressed a woman in her forties that I have worked with who would be my “backer” on the road to stardom. Charot! Anyway, I keep trying to think about women who I’ve worked with but nothing really sparks into my mind since I work with people who are under forty.


Unless! Ms. Mel Tiangco herself!? Boom! Sabi na e, I’ll be her new stylist kaya? JK! Charrrrla. Hmmm, sino kaya?

Said I have plans of working abroad and the only thing that would hinder me from doing it is my emotions. Homesickness may prevent me from doing so, so I must prepare myself.

WRONG. Never did it cross my mind that I am going to be a “bagong bayani” and I can pretty much handle my emotions well, thank you very much.

He also predicted I’ll do better in another field, because I’m really artistic, fashion-related and writing, most probably.



remember this top I turned into a skirt?

CORRECT! Part of the plan for 2013 is finally going to Fashion Institute of the Philippines, study basic sewing, fashion merchandising and styling and start a business out of it. He said that the start-up would be hard, which all start-ups are, but I’ll be able to make it big if I would pursue on it. #goals

Although I did forget to ask about if ever I will be able to pursue my dream of writing a book. 😐

I will always hoard money.



“Kasalanan mo sa sarili mo kapag hindi ka yumaman.” – Franciso Colayco

TRUE. Not that mukha akong pera, but I want financial stability where I can buy whatever I want and not think about “shet, broke na ko pag binili ko to.”


“Okay, ask a question.”

“Okay, sige. Love life. Gusto kong malaman kung halaman ba ako.”

“Pick seven cards.”

Marvin, the tarot card reader said that I’ll be marrying late. Thirty-five or so.


Siya ba ang itinakda?! Omaygad kahit 45!


o baka naman siya?! Looooord!

OH-KAY. At this point Cat and Adelbert are eavesdropping because they would looove to know my love life’s status. Zero.

Okay, so apart from marrying late, he also said that I wouldn’t have the perfect marriage, like I would end up a single mom to a little girl but will be in good terms with the father of my child. Although he did say that I have a high percentage of having the perfect marriage if I would be willing to compromise. Said I’m passive, which I really don’t believe.

Anyway, he also said about ‘male marriage’ just because Cat prompted that I am a tomboy. Lol. Marriage is also optional din daw because I am an independent woman who can make it on my own. Like the lyric “I don’t need a man to make it happen” may have been written just for me. Charrr.

Of course I want to get married soon!  I want that stupid white picket fence complete with kids and a husband to go home to every night. Who doesn’t want that? I mean I just don’t want it today, but someday, like when I’m thirty five. Bwahahaha!

Anyway, I jokingly ask him “May crush po kasi ako. Kaya lang may girlfriend siya. Pag naghiwalay ba sila, magiging kami?” to which he retorted with a laugh and “Bawal yun.”



I think I picked five cards and he told me I need to eat three meals a day, don’t skip meals and eat healthy. If not, I’d have muscle spasms in the stomach. Like duh? Common sense.

Anyway, he said that after I told him I work for the media so I thought he probably deduced I really don’t have that much time eating. Now I want to detoxify. Not because I believe him but because it would be beneficial for me and something that I have never done!

He also said to look out for my eyes getting poor eyesight because of radiation emanating from computer. So I guess less blogging for me.


During my high school barkada’s get together slash Christmas party last December 30, we all planned that we will all go out of the country. So because I am out of questions, well, not really, I’m just not the kind who would love to spill all the beans for this year, and leave no room for surprises, I asked this stupid question whether or not matutuloy ba kami.

I picked cards and he said no, maybe in two to three years daw. Huwaaat?! Sunugin ko na lang kaya passport ko?! But I will definitely be going to Laguna this summer. Great! Who has not been to Laguna people?! My family never fails to go to Pansol for crying out loud!

Anyway, I kept on asking about out of the country trips and asked if I will be able to go out because of work. Same answer: Not this year. Around QC area, yes. BUT! You’ll enjoy doing the interviews. Screw the interviews, I want to go out! 😛

So this year, I plan to make as many trips as I can just so I can say to my cards, “screw you, you don’t dictate where and when I plan to go out of the metro!” Because frankly, one of my plans for this year is to follow Joey de Leon’s mantra: T.I.T.E (Trabaho, Ipon, Travel, Enjoy!)

And because I plan to prove my cards wrong, let it be known that I, Carmina Giezzelle G. Mones, am travelling to Baguio on the fourth day of January. So, “screw you cards, you don’t dictate where and when I plan to go out of the metro!”



Apart from going out of the country, I also asked if I can make my parents’ wish come true. I recently gifted them something that made them really happy so I guess you can’t blame me for asking if I can make their other wishes come true.


New Year’s gift.

YES! An answer I really loved hearing. Who wouldn’t want to make their parents happy? Anyway, Marvin (card reader) said that making my family happy would be one of the reasons why I would marry late, because I find happiness in it, I would not think about getting married right away. He also said though, I forgot to mention above, that my tight friendship with my girl friends is another reason and if and when I plan to get into a relationship, I must lessen the time I spend with them. So ang ending? I’ll be one of those people that friends hate just because they got themselves a boytoy.

Anyway, I’m just going with what traversing with life at this point in my life, so let’s just keep making money!

Marvin also said that I will buy my family a house, I wish! And I would send a certain pamangkin to school. If ever that were true, I’m guessing this is that girl:



Anyway, I only have five questions kasi and I kind of think I wasted some of those. But no worries, because I did it just for fun, and it’s for free!

So now, would I believe all of Marvin’s predictions?

Of course not. Only a fool would believe that the cards would tell one’s future. Nobody knows what lies ahead. In fact, I would love to keep it that way, because where’s the fun in knowing? It’s like watching the same old movie over and over, you know what’s going to happen. Or opening a gift that you wrapped yourself.

But here’s the thing: Marvin did tell me one thing: not to overanalyze everything. Guilty as charged. And to be as positive as possible. Check.

So out of all the things he said, I’m taking all the positive things and use them to my advantage. I’d pursue my dream of opening up my fashion-related business, keep on writing, (whether I’d write a book or just to vent or even to entertain myself) hoard money, (because money makes you happy, don’t be a hypocrite!) help my family live a stable life, keep my health on tiptop shape, travel and hopefully, just find the love of my life, whether I’m twenty-four, or thirty five when I do that. Pachelbel’s Canon in D will still be playing in my walk down the beachfront.

I make my own destiny. The cards don’t. They are just guides, or a slap in the face for you to realize what you really want to do with your life.

So will I still have my cards read? Of course! It’s fun and exciting and you get to tell to yourself: Wahaha! Mali siya! Loka-loka tong manghuhula na to! LOLJK.

If you want to get your cards read for free, visit Gayuma ni Maria at V.Luna cor. Maginhawa Street on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I forgot to ask the time, but it’s most probably 6-11pm. If you want to get Marvin Dizon’s (the tarot card reader) digits for bookings, let me know!

For more info: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gayuma-Ni-Maria/148108488537188