December 2012 was the year I’ve had strings of parties to attend to I felt like I’m a star. LOL. I mean, first there was the Powerhouse Christmas Party that I forgot to share the happenings lol (note to self: magsulat ng short post pa rin kahit late na about that), followed by the GMA Christmas party where I didn’t win in any raffle, then Christmas reunion with Papa’s side of the family, party with college friends, party with high school friends, New Year reunion with Mama’s side of the family and this, NAY-1-1 Christmas/farewell party.

The show ended on the day of our Christmas party, December 28, and it was kind of a sad, but happy ending for everyone. I mean, of course, we were all shocked that the show was only given few weeks of airtime, I mean, at this point, GMA has to think of something bigger and better than Sir Chief and Maya’s love story if it’s all about the ratings game.

Anyway, on to the party. It was held at Ignazia Bar, across ABS CBN building. I got there around 8pm thinking I’m already late, but surprise, surprise, early bird pa ang lola!

And because I was an early bird, I won this in the raffle draw:


Smart dish washing liquid. Boom! 

We played Pinoy Henyo, which Jocel and I didn’t win because she doesn’t know other synonyms for the word pail; which is bucket. Haha! Peace Jocel!




Jocel and moi



Ate Lei and Ate Flo playing Pinoy Henyo

These g(a)uys won though. Marco and Kuya Erwin. Their word: Ahas. How very conducive! Charot!



Marco and Kuya Erwin winning the top prize!

We also played charades. But our team lost, but it was really funnnn! Hahaha! I don’t have any pictures becaus eit was so stressful yet fun! Pinaglaruan kami ng PM namin, si Sir Charles!

Then there was videoke contest wherein I won P1000 worth of Let’s Face It GC by singing Gabrielle’s Out of Reach. I know, I know, where’s my singing contract GMA Records? Charrr. I also won P200 worth of Let’s Face It GC by dancing to Spice Girls’ Stop. LOL. And three Rejuve GC (Facial with Diamond Peel) di ko na maalala what I did for winning those.


Kung di pa ba naman ako kuminis ng kinis artista niyan ha!

Then we had exchange gift. But this one’s really cooooool! Hindi ko alam if you guys have one this already but this is really fun and mag-iisip ka talaga.

Here’s how it’s done:

1. All gifts are placed in the center. Then draw lots from one to ilan ang may dalang gifts. Each person picks a number. Person who picks number one gets to pick a gift. Pipili siya among all the gifts in the center.

2. He opens the gift and show it to everyone.

3. Next player picks a gift. But wait there’s more! LOL. If he/she likes player number one’s gift, he can STEAL it! Then player number one gets to pick another gift.

4. Gifts can be stolen twice. Hindi pwedeng mag-steal back ng gift. Hindi pwedeng kunin ang gift mo. Once it’s stolen twice, second “magnanakaw” owns the gift. Di na pwede manakaw.

5. Wag ma-attach sa gift hanggang hindi pa natatapos. You cna form alliance if you want!

Anyway, I was able to steal the gift that I like from my SP! Haha! It was then stolen from me. Pero at the end of the exchange gift, I got it again because I had an alliance with the one who stole it from me, Kuya Dex. lol. ‘Twas really fun! Something new and mag-iisip ka talaga. Nobody is safe kasi even our PM, Sir Charles, his gift (Lock and Lock lunchbox) that he stole got stolen too!

Here’s my gift! Perfect for the new apartment we’re renting!



“It’s so fluffy I wanna die!”

The highlight of the night though was the raffling of the Nay-1-1 tablet used in all of the episodes.


Marco won!

I seriously don’t know whats up with me and raffles, why can’t we ever be together?! Huhu.

Videoke time!


Where Kuya Dex sang “Stupid Luv” to Ate KJ.

I seriously don’t know if I should find it sweet or gross. Anyway, the pic looks like he’s proposing to her. Awww. ❤

It’s just sad though that GMA pulled the plug on us. Masaya naman yung show. Aside from the fact that we are always eating during meetings, and mas may budget, hindi ko na-feel na nasa entertainment ako nagwo-work. I mean, I always believe that working for the entertainment side of the media industry can be too shallow, like telenovela shallow (sorry!) but working for Nay-1-1 has been as fulfilling as working for News and Public Affairs.

Dito lang ako na-text ng case studies ng sobra sobrang pasasalamat. My first case study (the pilot episode) even texted me that hulog ako ng langit sa kanila, that I kind of answered her prayers. I mean, I helped in making her sari-sari store dream come true, her neighbor’s roof repaired, a mom’s wish to give her daughter a debut (andun pa si Aljur!), another mom’s questions on her daughter’s health answered, and helped renovate rooms as well.

Nakakalungkot lang na hanggang doon na lang yun. I love the show because it helps people, sayang lang talaga hanggang dun na lang yun.

In any case, I will have all these memories, learnings and friendships with all the staff and crew. Sabi nga ni Sir Charles, maliit lang ang GMA, magsasama’t magsasama pa rin kami. Boom!


with Kuya Alex, our ever reliable location manager, who makes the best maps! I seriously have to ask him how he does it so I can use it for my Powerhouse maps, lol. Sir Charles, our ever reliable, rational and cool program manager. Seriously, I respect this guy a lot. and Jocel, my co-researcher in three shows na pala!


with Ate Erika (who I thought was very mataray) but NOT! Cool EP (executive producer) who always calls me “Jocel” and calls Jocel “Mina”. LOL. Ate Leila, our ex deal coordinator, and Ate KJ, the ever dependable AP (associate producer).

I would love to work with this team again! ‘Til we meet again! 🙂