I seriously think that there’s no better way to start the year by doing something new and fresh: like going to another place and experiencing new things.

So last Friday, we (Julianne, Kuya Mondi and Powerhouse crew) went to Baguio to feature one of Baguio’s famous pasalubongs, Tartland’s Lengua de Gato.

As part of the feature, Ms. Angie, the owner, showed us how they make this yummy, delectable lenguas!

sidenote: My little niece Poi said “Yummy!” when she saw the pictures of the batter. I wonder what she’ll say when she gets inside the little factory! Also, I am eating Tartland’s lengua while typing this. lol

Anyway, enough of that, I’ll show you how it’s done!


1,2,3.First you need to make the batter: mix together flour, butter, egg whites and sugar to come up with the batter. I can’t tell you though the consistency and how much of each ingredients should be combined because that’s the owner’s secret! Go make your own recipe on this part! Maybe you can add on milk too?


4. Once the batter is done, it is transferred to a machine that makes the shape of the lengua. Another way is by doing it manually, this is by putting it inside a canister and a staff does the shapes herself.

They have many orders when we came that’s why the staff needs to do it manually because the machine can’t do it alone!

5. The lengua is then cooked for 15-20 minutes


6. When it’s done, they will be transferred in another tray.

7. Then, oompah loompahs the other staff will pack them carefully. They must do it carefully because the lengua breaks easily.

8. The guys will then put the stickers and cover the lengua to seal it’s freshmess.

9. Using a heat gun, a plastic will be used to seal it better.

TADA! And that is how it’s done people!

Tartland Lengua de gato can be found at most markets and souvenir / pasalubong stores in Baguio like Mines View Park, Burnham Park and in the market, of course.

You can also go to Camp 7 where the factory can be found if you want to get them at wholesale price!

Don’t forget to catch Powerhouse, hosted by Mel Tiangco, where we will feature them together with Collette’s buko pie owner this coming Tuesday,  January 8, 2012 at GMA News TV 11/24 at 8pm.

Here’s a photo of us inside the verrrry clean Tartland factory. Sobraaang bango sa loob grabe! You can even smell it from the outside! Amoy pa lang ulam na! Yum!


The woman in orange is the owner, Ms. Angie who’s very kind and accommodating and has this cute house. I’ll show it in the next post!

P.S. O Julianne, pinopromote ko episode mo ha. lol. My thank you for tagging me to Baguio on the first week of the year and helping me break the tarot card reader’s prediction that I will only go to Laguna (for personal trip) and QC area only (for work-related trips). Since this is a work and personal trip, I just hit two birds with one stone, boo yeah! Mwahahahaha!