If you’d ask me, it was never my story to tell.

And if it was all up to me, this is not how I wanted it to all end.

I actually contemplated long and hard on whether or not I should write about it. But I have been told that these are my thoughts, and this is my spot in the web, so I can do whatever I want with it. Also, baka kasi pag sinulat ko siya e ma-absorb na namin na natali na nga tong taong to, ’twas something I’d really laugh about if you tell it to me before all of this. 😛

Of course I’ll try to tell this in the nicest possible way that I can in order not to hurt feelings and screw up friendships with both parties.

So a week ago, I got a call from an old-friend-turned-boyfriend-turned-stranger-turned-friend-again that he is getting married. And not to the girl we all wanted for him. There’s a lot history in here I wouldn’t want to bore you with, and yes, I never thought I’d put the words/phrases “ex,” “not to her,” “wedding,” and “invited” all in one sentence.

It was one blasted story you may want to know but I’m not willing to share. But to say that it was like a bomb dropped in on us is an understatement. And imagine that I got the news when I just woke up. I seriously thought it was a sick prank.

One of the many reasons though why I agreed to attend the wedding is to meet up with old college friends I have lost in touch with, like a reunion of sorts, and to see the girl of course. The guy kept her a secret to all of us until the day of the wedding.

However, he may have forgotten the fact that I am a freakin’ researcher for goodness’ sakes, I get paid to do research work. So dear, if ever you get to read this, this is me confessing that I kinda did my own research and I knew about more than her name already even before you told it to me. Even before I was formally introduced. Wait, scratch that, we weren’t introduced after all!


Flashforward to the wedding.

I arrived five minutes before the wedding, yay me for not arriving late.

It was a rather fast wedding. Rush talaga! ‘Twas held at the beautiful San Sebastian Church, but somehow, I don’t really feel like it was the same happy church I once knew. I even told the guy to just do it in the adoration chapel few steps from the church. Chos!


This is me for the first time inside a church this year. And I didn’t paid attention. Pfft.


Anyway, on to the reception because I really do not want to share a lot of things during the ceremony because I wasn’t really paying that much attention except for the fact that I hated the commentator’s (?) voice, they used my wedding march (Pachelbel’s Canon in D) and the wedding coordinator’s telling the bride not to cry when she was walking down the aisle. Moment niya yun kuya! If she wanted to cry, wapakels ka na dapat!

Reception’s at Banawe and Toni, my batchmate from PLM hosted the event I actually thought it was a CMC event. Chos.

Anywhores, I have said more than two cents worth of shit already about this (although not in here) that I didn’t expect I would be called on stage, all eyes on me and with the microphone in my hand to actually give a message to the newlyweds yesterday. Talk about getting caught off guard. AGAIN! You owe me!

So I ended up saying “Good luck, good health, God bless you.” And a lot of “Bakit ako?!” and “Sorry, di ako prepared.” Seriously though, I thank my high school prom committee for coming up with those sentences (Good luck, good health, God bless you) or I wouldn’t have had anything good, decent or even an okay thing to say.

Anyway, these are probably all the things I want to say in here. I’d like to keep the others to myself nalang. As if you’d care.

I really have to tell you though, the reception was weird. Like people know, but chose not to say anything about it and just play along to the whole charade. It was like a bad movie shoot I was actually waiting for somebody to shout “CUT!” and everything will be back to the way it was. But that didn’t happen.

For what it’s worth, we get to make Charmaine’s dream of becoming a flower girl and I get to spend time with these ladies again after seven effin’ years. Yes, I was 17 again.

The four of us, Patty, Becca, Charmaine and I then went to Satrbucks Shang for a little more chat. That four or five hours spent on the wedding wasn’t enough for us, of course, we have years of catching up to do, and that’s what we did.




For people who do not know what the F I am talking about, I may have wasted few minutes of your time. But I’m not sorry.