This would be quick!

I know I have not been the blogger that I promised I would be: the regular blogger kind. It’s not that I have been so swamped with work I can’t find the time to blog, or that my life has been kind of a dull or I’ve no ideas left to write about. In fact, I have lots of things I would love to share to you. New ideas, new experiences and whatnot. I have just been too lazy to write and I don’t like writing if I am lazy. I do not like forcing myself.

Hopefully though, I would be able to update this blog soooon. It’s fun somebody’s searching for “mga kwento ng nagtataeng utak” already in the internets. I promise I would write more. I’m just in that place right now that I cannot really keep on blabbing about things and would just share them to people who know me personally.

Don’t hate me. And please wait for me. Especially if you love Ely (of Eheads) like I do. I had a date with him. Chos. I went to his concert and I really want to share the experience, as well as my recent emancipation from my parents. Aah, the independence. What a sweet, sweet word.

I also just recently deactivated my Facebook, don’t think that I blocked you if you were my friend there, if ever you plan on checking my profile. Don’t ask me why, it’s just that I can so I did.

Bye for now. Will watch the series I follow now. 🙂

Until the next pagtatae ng utak ni Carmina. 🙂

P.S. Pula na ulit ang kuko ni Mina. I miss this. 🙂