So my roomies and I are having problems with the guy who signed the apartment’s contract who thinks he’s the boss of us. Seriously, I want to put Sara Bareilles’ King of Anything in loop during the supposed business meeting earlier.

The nerve to tell us prangkahan lang and that he’s a businessman kuno. If I were being frank, I would tell him to use grammar and spell check before imposing authority on me.

How stupid can someone get to spell “speaking” as “speacking” among other things? The guy should really use a smart phone, sure as hell would be smarter than him.

Makapagsalita pa about respect ha. Sinong walang respeto ang walang pasintabing may ginagawang renovation without as much as a “Hoy, pinapa-renovate ko itong ibaba, baka pwede wag kayong bumaba ng nakapambahay kasi baka mabastos kayo ng mga construction workers.”

Makapagsalita about him being only available from 7-8pm for the meeting. Kami talaga mag-a-adjust sa time mo? Sana man lang nasabihan kami beforehand na may meeting pala ng ganong time, hindi yung 6:15pm while I’m in the middle of watching a movie magte-text ka that you’re expecting us to meet you 7pm sharp? The nerve. You sure as hell don’t know who you’re dealing with.

I don’t care kung ikaw ang nakapirma sa kontrata and tell me you have the guts to act all superiority (baka you mean impose authority koya?) on us, papatulan kita dahil mali ka.

Anyway, I think the girls and I have all said our piece. I’m sure as hell I’ve said mine, and made it clear you can’t bully me. Because dear, I’m a bigger bully than you are. Friends didn’t call me mean-a for nothing.


What house rules were you talking about again?