Hihi. So Julianne shared this cool new app to me and I told Ate Ana about it and now we’re all going gaga over this app.

It’s like a diary or journal, a blog, if you’d like to call it that; it’s just that you’re the only person who can read it, unless of course you give your password to somebody else. Haha!

I like that I can now keep some of my thoughts to myself. Haha! I know, I know, no one’s forcing me to write about everything that’s happening to me or coursing through my mind, but you know, I write mostly to vent, because I do that a lot or because I want to remember how I felt or whatever special or irritating happened that day. I’m forgetful like that.

Here’s what happened today! Nothing special or something that I should keep a secret. I may write something later on though that I wouldn’t want to share. Hihi

Hey Julianne, thanks for sharing this! 🙂photo

you know you love me,