For three months now, my life has turned a 360 degree turn. From its usual, routine-like existence, it has become a whirlwind of events and dramas I can’t even catch up to it. There was a day that was so action-packed I thought it was a scenario written by some director. Haha!

Let me tell you my story in the briefest possible way I could write.

Act 1 – The Almost Emancipation of Carmina. Ah, The Sweet, Sweet Taste Of Independence

It was December of last year when my GMA friends Ate Ana and Ate Cheng invited me and Julianne to move in with them. They were renting this small room a few tumblings away from GMA that we were abusing then as it has become everyone’s tambayan and the usual “Ate, pwede makitulog maaga call time ko?” “Ate, pwede makiligo/tae/iwan ng gamit?” “Ate, pwede maki-TC?” place.

Maybe they were a little annoyed with the whole pwede maki-chorva thing that they invited us to just live with them, haha! Or they just like our company they think they could live with us. Or both. 🙂

Anyway, Julianne already agreed. My mom, on the other hand, who is like the worst worrier of all time does not want her twenty-four-freaking-year-old daughter to semi-move out of her wing for many reasons I cannot fathom. Di pa daw kasi ako nanay so hindi ko alam kung anong nafi-feel niya.

I told the girls I can’t move in with them because Evangeline already said no. and she said my father won’t approve of it as well. Sad.

I told the girls about it and they were kinda bummed about my parents’ decision of not letting me practice my independence.

The next day, as I was going down the stairs to get to work, my father stopped me and said, “Nag-usap na kami ng mama mo. Pumayag na siya.” to which I replied with a big smile on my face and a “Talaga?!” He said, “Naisip namin lagi kang ginagabi. At least dun nakakatulog ka agad tsaka di ka napapagod.” I hugged him after and said goodbye.


My parents. Mama looked like she was telling Papa not to approved of my big leap. Haha!

Hihihi. So I told the girls and we already planned on the many things that we will do once Julianne and I move in.

Moving In, Moving Out, Moving On


View from our window. This is how near the  workplace is to where we live.

I officially moved in at third floor, unit 4 in January of this year.

Julianne and I went to Divisoria to buy some stuff we’d need in living away from home. It was a fun experience. We were like kids who are playing bahay-bahayan, only, this is real life, and we can’t just go back home ‘pag ayawan na.


Took this when I got home on a Friday night missing my girls so much.

The first few nights away from home and my babies (Peyu, Pao and Poi) were the hardest. I remember going home in the middle of the week just to spend some time with them. Several weeks after, I have already made the necessary emotional adjustments and content myself with seeing the girls and the fambam during weekends only.


us girls (Ate Cheng, Julianne, me and Ate Ana) before we were able to put up the double decks. Sikip!

By then, I have officially moved out of my parents’ house on Mondays through Fridays. I have also accepted the fact that I am not a princess so long as I stay out of my own home. If in our Loreto house I don’t wash the dishes, clean and have everything given to me in a heartbeat, it was different here. We take turns in cleaning the toilet, washing the dishes, taking out the garbage, cooking and the whatnot.


the night we built the double decks.


after shot. voila!

Living alone is very fun. I get to do a lot of things I couldn’t do with my parents always there, I decide on my own, I buy stuff that may or may not be useful, but I buy it anyway because I think it’ll look cute in my personal space. I also get to learn what kind of people I chose to live with, and so far, so good. I’m like a five year old kid who’s playing with her lutu-lutuan and bahay-bahayan, only now, I am an adult.

In terms of work, I get to sleep more, I get to work looking fresh and I no longer have praning moments because I no longer have to ride a taxi just to get home in the wee hours of the night. I have this thought that all taxi drivers are either robbers or rapists. lol. I know.


my personal space

Another part of our (the girls) plans include buying and building double decks so we’d have more space, buying groceries and cooking food so we can save up on food that is verrry expensive in Timog area. By February, we have two double decks, grocery items and some few items already set up in the unit.


our first breakfast!

We were happily enjoying our new-found freedom and independence as well as ogling at our cute reporter neighbor whose name I won’t say. Haha. It was bliss.

Until this certain housemate we call “tagalupa” came barging in with his “authority” and “businessman ako shit” and “sagad sa langit na kayabangan” that our independent women slash sex and the city slash big girls in the big world peg is put to the test.

Soon after, there have been police and barangay blotters, angry text messages from us and grammatically incorrect ones from him and many things I’de share with you in the next post. This brings us to Act 2 of this brouhaha: Don’t Trust The B in Door 7B.

For now, I have to sleep because I have lots of work to accomplish by 4pm tomorrow to attend our 4pm hearing at the barangay.  🙂

Liking my story so far? I feel like I’m pegging Emma Stone’s character Olive in Easy A in this post. 😛