I was 18 years old when I wrote this. Eighteen, naive (still naive pa rin naman), kind of rebellious and out of wits. I’m cringing now reading this six years later, ha-ha! But that’s the thing with keeping a blog, you get to know how much you have grown, or if you have grown.

Here’s the link to the 18 year old mean, ungrateful me to my mom:


You might ask me why am I reposting this if I am so ashamed of myself for even writing it. Nothing. I just want to redeem myself. Ha-ha. And prove myself wrong for hating my big nag of a mom.

Now that I am away from the house on weekdays and is just home mostly on weekends, I kinda miss all the nagging, that somehow translates to my mother’s TLC to us. Promise! Now I know na yun talaga yung ibig sabihin nun. Sabi nga nila, pag hindi ka napalo, hindi ka love ng parents mo. Lol.

What I love most about her now that I’m almost away is the fact that she always remembers the little things. Like how I love pineapple (the one I just ate she bought from the tindero who passed by) or how I love the wing part of chicken and always save that part for me. Not to mention I am always treated like a senyora whenever I’m home, a really fun change, being the alipin that I am when I am alone with my roommates at QC.

I would also like to thank her for being there in all the events in my life, whether big or small. Like how she stayed up the night we spent an overnight at QC Station 10 precinct (how badass!), the night she brought me to the hospital because I thought I am dying of dysmenorrhea, how she’s always there whenever I need anything for my show/s.

She’s like the coolest mom who went with us in disco bars, not to make bantay but to bond with us (ganyan ba nanay mo?), who can still rock a swimsuit, who gave me wonderful genes (no worries of getting fat everrrr!), who has this great fashion sense that my sister and I have vintage clothes courtesy of her from the eighties, who thinks its okay for me to drink and actually cooked that yummy papaitan as pulutan on my eighteenth birthday celeb with college friends. All those insane things but still raising kids who grew up well, I guess. Haha! Now tell me if you have a cool mom like her, too! High five!

Anyway, what I’m saying is, if I can be half the kind of mother she is to us and to all the people we adopted at home, I would say, I am going to be a good mother.

Na-redeem ko na ba ang sarili ko sa maldita post ko about her when I was 18? Lol.