Habang mainit-init pa ang lahat sa katatapos na eleksyon at hot pa rin ako at tumatakbo on adrenaline dahil sa eleksyon na ito. Ipo-post ko na tong blog na to. Hihi.

I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to post this yesterday pa kung sino ang mga iboboto ko Jen, haha, but I wasn’t able to finish my research on the positions din kasi. Plus I really don’t think my opinions matter that much to people, except sa pananaw ko lang it matters. Haha! Chos.

Anyway, here are the people who I voted for and why I did. I’m explaining my reasons as to why I voted for them not for you people (because I really don’t care about what you all think) but because I’d like to remind myself one day if tama nga ang ginawa kong pag-itim o pag-shade sa bilog na hugis itlog sa tabi ng pangalan nila. 🙂


Dick Gordon – Remember Intramuros during its heyday? WOW Philippines!
Ed Hagedorn – Have you been to Palawan? I haven’t, but I would really love to. International awards were given to Palawan, and honestly, right now, Palawan is one of the few good things I am really proud about the country. If those are not enough, Survivor (reality game show) showcasing the beauty of Palawan. Need I say more?
Risa Hontiveros – The girl has guts. Also, we need RH.
Teddy Casino – new blood in the Senate please. Sick and tired of the same old faces.
Grace Poe – She’s the daughter of FPJ. Charot! I admire the woman. I met her when I was still a newbie at Powerhouse and we did her episode. Sa totoo lang, takot ako sa kanya at ayoko siya magalit sa akin that time. Not because she was my guest, but because I respected her. Much more than the other big named people whose episodes I handled. I’m telling you, iba tong babaeng to. Ayoko ma-late sa mga appointments sa kanya, that one time I did, hiyang-hiya ako sa sarili ko dahil sinayang ko ang oras niya. MTRCB had major changes din that I liked. Especially SPG (akala ko talaga dati, Super Parental Guidance ibig sabihin, chos) Sure, I had second thoughts with her using her father’s name and wanting to get out of his shadow. It’s both a curse and a blessing, but I guess she used it well to her advantage, see she’s a frontrunner now. But at the end of the day, I remembered how much I admired the woman, so I voted for her.
Koko Pimentel – The man’s robbed off of his senate seat. I really think we should give him the chance to prove himself. Has the background to back it up, too. So I thought I’m giving the guy the chance.

Mayor (Manila)

Joseph Estrada – I chose between who I think is the lesser of two evils. Okay Manilans, spew your ang tanga tanga kong botante on me now. Ask me now if I made this decision out of my butt. Daliii! Lol. Anyway, I voted for Lim the last time, and look at Manila now. The atrocity! Naalala ko rin the first thing the guy did was undo everything Atienza did. Di ba pwedeng ipagpatuloy na lang? At least visually maganda-ganda ang Maynila. Also, my family are really maka-Erap and maka-Marcos, and my mom asked me na to vote for him. The only thing she asks of me, I’d tell you. She really does not care about all my other decisions, except that, iboto ko raw si Erap! Hahaha.

Vice Mayor (Manila)

Isko Moreno – from a showbiz sexy star to vice mayor. The guy has gone a long way. And that sexy smile? Chareeeng. Daming out of school youth ang nakapag-aral ’cause of his projects. The other guy Lou Veloso? Sorry, I wasn’t able to research on the things he has done.

I voted for Sanlakas and UNA councilors – because people close to my heart asked me to. And I trust their guts. I wasn’t able to finish all my research on the other positions because of too much work. But I’m not sorry because I was doing serbisyong totoo at first shift ako. So I voted for them because people asked me to, are you going to crucify me now?

Who did you vote for? Or did you?

No I dare you to call me BOBOtante. Now.