Do you miss me?

Well, I kinda miss the “feeling-writer-rant-rant-rant-blogger” side of me, too.

Well here’s what you missed on the so-so life of dear old me since my last post two weeks ago.

I recently deactivated my Twitter and Facebook, except for Instagram. Don’t ask me why, please. So if you’re searching (ehem, stalking) me or trying to backtrack my posts, you won’t be able to see anything because it’s not there and not because I unfriended you or blocked you. I left Instagram alone because I feel alive seeing fashion-related posts. Yeah, yeah, screw me. Anyway, I did it not because I want you people to miss me. Clearly, I’m giving your timelines a breather for all the shit I might spew on it had I not deactivated them. I just want a little peace and quiet and I can’t do it with me checking posts every now and then.

I met with the loves of my life, well, my elementary and high school life, last Wednesday. It was my first time at Moonleaf Columns, and frankly, Moonleaf, just because you are in Makati, you get to charge me P15 more for my current favorite Peach mango Yakult? How dare you. Good thing I had fun catching up with the girls so I didn’t mind. I would have love to chat some more if it wasn’t on a Wednesday and we all have work the next day.

Tuesday we went back to the fiscal’s office in Quezon City Hall and filed our affidavit of desistance. Google it. Anyway, it was kind of a sigh of relief, I just hope Paulo learned his lesson of not messing with people he barely even knows. Clearly he didn’t know he subletted the third floor to bitches who know when and how to fight. On the other hand though, the girls and I are almost out of the apartment we fought so hard for, which is not even worth it, if you’d ask me now that all the steam has gone through the wind, and I am having a clearer perspective. Some things, are really not worth it. But that’s a whole other story. 😉

We’re currently on the hunt for the perfect apartment near our workplace. But because I’m handling only one show as of the moment, and I have been dipping on my savings, I’m seriously rethinking on whether or not I should move back in with my parents again. Sure, the taste of independence is intoxicating, but look where did that brought me? Plus, I really want to have as much savings as I need because I really want to study basic sewing and styling. I’m just thinking if my roomies might think I’m leaving them hanging. But as of this writing, I haven’t made up my mind yet.

If you’re still with me at this point, I’d also like to share that I have finally made up my mind. Or maybe this thing had ran its course. I kept thinking I can’t do it just yet but you have made it so easy for me to do so. Why do I need more memories right?

I have been in touch with my history the entire month of May and until this episode airs. Anyway, I have learned so many things about Jose Rizal. And I have seen his actual grades during his stay at Ateneo and UST. Not only that, I also get to check other heroes’ grades like Marcelo H. del Pilar, Apolinario Mabini, presidents Manuel Quezon and Sergio Osmena as well as Padre Burgos of Gomburza. How grool is that?!

Also, I went back to Makati and visited my old boss. It was fun seeing her again. She also asked me to give a pep talk to her new employees, in which I awkwardly obliged. I seriously cannot remember how many times I have done it. Maybe that is also the same reason why I rarely visit her. Haha! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered every time she asks me to talk some sense to her employees, but I’m really not the one to give pep talks. I’m the nega kind of girl, so it is kind of hard for me. So I want to write a pep talk post, but not in this post. Haha!

What else? Hmmmm. Well, I’m in knee deep of work and since you know that I procrastinate, a lot, in a few days, it will be neck deep and I may still not give a damn. Chos.

As I am typing this, I am trying to bust my memory because I can’t remember where I put my Grey’s Anatomy season 6 DVD or if I bought one. I’m not sure. I hate my stupid memory that remembers things I want to forget and forgets things I want to remember. I can’t remember if I left it in the apartment or here at home and I’m a bit lazy finding where I put it so now I’m blabbing in here again trying to not hit my head because the show’s just getting better. :/ Okay, so I’m a latebloomer. I always am.

So that’s what you missed on Glee! Errr, the amazing-so-so-predictable life of Carmina Mones. Go have your fun now! 😀