Let’s pretend for a while that I am not your personal slash media slash rant-y blogger and let’s all give way to that girly girl inside me that not most people know of (or so I thought). I mean, those who only know me of this blog (parang ang dami) may think of me as the blogger I’ve mentioned above and I’m really not all that. Haha. Those who know me personally though may or may not thought on why I rarely post about my girl problems. That’s cause me thinks that’s it’s kinda shallow, excuse to all the fashion and beauty bloggers. Chos.

So much for an intro. So here goes.

First, let me show you how I looked like with no makeup on. Well, almost.

photo (33)

Here’s me with my moisturizer, CC cream and eyebrows on.

Sareeeh. I just thought about this post when I was already done with those three steps.

Anyhoo, here are my tools. Or the little things that help me try to look like a decent person every time I go to work.

imageAbove: Nivea moisturizer, Tony Moly Aura CC cream, Chap Stick Cherry, Ellana mineral concealer, Nichido eyebrow kit, Etude House pressed powder

Below: Ever Bilena Blush Desire, Nyx Stick Blush, Tony Moly Pink Beam (highlighter), Avon lipstick in Carmen Rose, Tony Moly Mascara, curler, Hello Kitty blower!)

First, I apply moisturizer on. Can’t live without it ever since I tried it. We all need to keep our face hydrated, right? Next, I put on Tony Moly’s Color Corrector (CC) cream. Yes, there’s BB cream, and now there’s CC cream. My sister and I are kind of joking that the real makeup gurus may be trying to complete the alphabet. Next thing you know, there’d be DD, EE, FF and so on creams out in the market. LOL

Afterwards, I put on my brows. Most girls feel naked without makeup on. Me feels naked without my wrist watch on, and my brows filled in. Just find the one that makes it look like natural on you though so you won’t look like Betty La Fea. The thing with having it filled, aside from looking more put together is the fact that you can easily raise one eyebrow at that person you abhor and he/she will know it right away. Chos. Haha. Anyway, before, I’m using Ever Bilena’s pencil eyebrow but I thought it’s too brown for my brows so I switched to Nichido’s eyebrow liner kit that comes in black and brown so I just mix them up, I think they look better now. I’ve yet to learn how to do my brows the professional way though.

Then I’ll use my brush to put face powder on. I don’t use the sponge that came with it, also I lost it when we went to the beach. Lol. Then, I put on the powder blush followed by Nyx blush on given by Cat, which was given to her by her boss. I like it because it’s a little shimmery and makes my skin glow a la Twilight. Chos. 😉

I recently learned the use of highlighter courtesy of my sister Cat (visit her site here. F yeah I know htmls!haha) who I think can write better makeup tutorials than I am. You put it around your eyes, the outer part in a “C” shape, over your cheekbones, the side of your eyes up to the eyebrows. You also put some on your nose bridge down to the tip of your nose for a more glowing look.

Then I curl my lashes, put on mascara and the lipstick of my choice, depending on what my mood is. Today, I used Avon’s red lippy but just dabbed it on for it to look more natural. Plus I don’t really look nice in red lips. Ayy! I forgot that I apply Chapstick when I apply my moisturizer then erase it when I put my lippy on pala. Haha!

Then I just blow dry my hair and I’m all set!

image (1)Before and after: A little better, yes? Haha

And that’s about it! I think I kinda suck at doing fashion and beauty posts. Hahaha! Whatchatink?

Eto pambawi. Nonsensical thoughts.

So why do we really wear makeup? Some do to hide their imperfections, some do to highlight their assets. Others do it to impress boys. Why do I do it? Wala, trend lang. Chos. I do it because I believe that when you look good, you feel good. I don’t do it for the boys, if I would want them to notice me, might as well run around naked, some smart ass said whose name I can’t remember.

There are days though where I still feel ugly even when I do wear makeup, or feel lazy wearing it I skip it all together. So I just wear sunnies and lipstick.

Some women can’t leave home without it. I don’t know why though, maybe they look monsterrific or something? Chos.

Shizz, I don’t even know how to end this, so ganito na lang bigla na lang ma-s-smudge yung makeup. Chareeeng!

How do you do yours? I’m too lazy to watch Youtube makeup tutorials e. Give me tips, yes?