Isang mabilis na post on what happened today.

EK baby!

The day started out me pissed off because my friends left GMA without me so I had to ride a different bus to EK. I was able to pacify myself in that an hour and a half ride thinking that hey, it was me who’s an hour late (7am call time) for staying up late watching Grey’s Anatomy. In my defense though, I wouldn’t leave the meeting place without them. Haha! #maldita #defensive

So much for that drama. Today’s supposed to be fun and that’s what I intend to do with all the shizz going on with work, I could really use a breather.

This is my first time to attend the family day, which if you’d ask me, wasn’t really a family day. Why? May family day bang yung mga talent e sarili lang nila pwede nilang dalhin? Pano naging family yun? Talk about inequality between the regulars and talents. Sareeeh FLG.

Photo heavy post ahead!


Remember the last time I was at EK? I was being chased by freakin’ zombies at the Outbreak EK! Lol.


We were given P700 worth of Wizard money. Not bad, not bad at all. I was only able to shell out 200 bucks from my wallet.

#Alamonayan shot with Eldar and Princess Chuva whose name I can’t remember


First ride! My favorite of them all, Flying Fiesta!


I wasn’t able to ride the Space Shuttle though, nagmauna na naman si James and Julianne.


Who I came with: the gang and Ate Cheng’s little sister, Melai. Adorbs. We miss you Ate Ana, Dianne!


Finally get to ride the Ferris Wheel. I remember not being able to ride it before either the lines was too long or the wind is too strong, the management can’t risk the people’s safety. Ka-orkot promise! But spectacular view from above. Lots of photos from Ate Cheng and Julianne pa from here. Ate Cheng being the bitch of a sister to Melai who’s uber scared with the ride. Hahaha!


Rio Grande! I was the least wet of them all because I already knew the seats that are going to get sooo wet. Haha!


Our favorite part of the park! Turista shot!


Julianne was soo good with the “pukpukin mo para humagis at shumoot sa kaldero ang chicken game!” Haha. We were all bad with the “itaas ang bote gamit ang mukhang pamingwit na ito” and I almost, almost get to take home a big stuffed toy with this game I would like to call, “wag ka magpakuryente.” Unfortunately for me though, malaaaas! James was able to take home the large toy with the same game though.


Here’s me wishing that I get to win in the game. Keeping my fingers crossed. Makes me want to sing “a place of wishing wells and magic spells…”


HIGH. Literally and figuratively. This EKstreme ride was the bomb! Para kong mamamatay na dito, soooo fun! The best thing about it? Kinoconfirm ang mga bading base sa reaction nila pag-drop ng ride! Hahahaha! Benta!


Aaaaand! The grand carousel! Would you believe that I rode extreme rides but I got a booboo on my knee cause of this ride? Lol. Sakit sa ulo, di ko magets bakit. 😀


And lastly, another #alamonayan shot pag nasa EK ka.

It was hot, fun and an okay day considering I was feeling really irritated in the morning. At ang habaaaa ng pila sa kainan. Mas grabe pa haba kesa sa mga rides. ‘Lurks.


Oh look Ate Ana! We were able to see an apartment we can rent! Let’s? Hahahaha!

More photos on my FB page. Kung friends tayo. Haha! Kung taga-GMA ka, nagpunta ka ba? How did yours went?