So there I was busy contemplating on whether or not should I get that cat’s eye sunnies over at Forever 21.

Two reasons: I’m almost broke because of buying these new shoesies, and who would buy sunnies this time of year, right?


I have gone maaaad on shoes again!

I know, I know, never say I’m broke, because you will really go broke. Just like now. Haha!

Anyway, my old stingy self won me over and I’m quite happy with the decision, only it haunted me last night.

And now, mainly because the damned sun is shining so bright and I couldn’t find my old trusty sunnies. Boohoo.


Last Friday, I bought some stuff that cost me P411.00. I was flabbergasted with the total amount with the little things I bought.

These are some of what I got:


I decided to perform DIY waxing on myself because I’m so broke. Haha!

Some people DIY so they have things that no one else has, while I, on the other hand, DIY because I don’t have money to pay fro the service. Chos. It’s just that I’m so fed up with my leg hairs and the fact that I can’t book an appointment with Ate Jackie (the regular waxer) and the spa center near our home does not have leg waxing in the moment. #excuses


heated honey wax and razor for those teeny tiny stubborn hair that the wax can’t get.


My reaction after waxing: &^%$#@!!!!

photo (2)

Before and after. Look at that redness! Almost done on the right leg.


There was not enough wax so I ended up with half-waxed legs. Lol. That picture above shows where the missing link is. Chos.

So I shaved the upper leg. 🙂

photo (1)

And now I can wear shorts again, minus all the leg haaaair! And I’m going to be perverse with myself again. Haha! My leg is soo smooooth.

Showing you my happy face now that I’m done with baby girl.

photo (3)