…but wait, what happens after happily ever after?

Sharing with you this picture with the smug look in my face wearing my Cinderella-inspired ring.


Yeah, yeah. Been trying to write something worth reading in here for days, but I have been too busy catching up 9 years worth of Grey’s Anatomy for almost a month, I think. Late bloomer, I know. Haha! If there’s something good that came out of the season breaks of all the series I follow is this TV show. Lol.

Don’t you just love McSteamy, Karev, Avery and McDreamy? Don’t you just wish all doctors are as hot as them? Well, a girl can dream. Haha! Not to mention the amazing soundtrack they’ve got going on there. Now I can’t wait for the tenth season, premieres September of this year. Two more months. The same goes to Walking Dead, Two Broke Girls, Carrie Diaries, and Suits, I think.

Going back to the photo, this morning I woke up with my nieces watching Cinderella. And boy, did that movie suck. Now that I am all grown up, I see a lot of loopholes. I mean as every intern at Seatlle Grace would say, “seriously? Seriously?!” Yeah, it’s that stupid.

That’s about it for now because I’m busy juggling work and trying to write a book. Ambisyosa much. Lels.