By any chance, does this person looks like kawawa to you?

photo (34)


took this photo after the incident as a proof. Haha!

I don’t, maybe you do, but here’s the thing behind that question. I’ve been so pissed earlier because I found out all my chocolate stash were gone. I don’t know who eat it, no one would say they did of course, except for that three pieces of Andes mint chocolates that I love. Damn. Enough about that.

Anyway, so I went to work feeling annoyed because I was really looking forward to my chocolates (haha, I know, sweet tooth, I’m holding a grudge to anyone who ate them!) I was at Seattle, QC already riding a jeepney going to work. It was raining a bit and that bwisiiiit na driver does not have a change for a hundred bucks. I mean seriously, at 3:00 in the afternoon, who does not have a freaking change for a hundred dollar bill when almost all the passengers have paid their fare?! Gago.

So the driver gave me back my money and said that I should transfer jeepneys because he does not have a change and that “malapit ka lang naman.” Nag-alta presyon talaga ko. Kung malapit lang ako, e di dapat naglakad na lang ako. Gago. But I did not say anything and just get my umbrella to transfer jeepney, since I’m in no mood at all na makipag-away pa.

Thankfully, this girl seating in front of me get her purse and paid for my fare, without asking for anything. Sure, it was just an P8 fare, but amazing right? I thanked her and felt that that gagong driver felt ashamed for his shooing me like I’m a beggar.

Why am I blogging about this?


Oh, nothing. It’s just that I’m not the kindest person I know nor the kawawa-looking one who would get free jeepney fares from random people and I honestly do not believe in people doing kind things to other people anymore. Yeah, I’m cynic like that. Anyway, I wish people would be more like that girl. I wish her well.

I thanked her again before I got out of the gagong driver’s jeepney. šŸ˜‰

Now my day has turned from bad to good with just P8 free jeepney fare. Haha!

I hope yours went better than mine did and no one ate your chocolate stash or whatever it is you’re hiding from people at your house. Hah!