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Bagung-bagong topic to! Lol

I don’t know about you, but I always, always love reading “What’s in a bag?” blog posts and as a blogger, I think everyone should have a “What’s in a bag?” blog post, kinda like mandatory. I don’t know, maybe it’s cause the chismosa in me likes knowing “ano laman ng bag mo?” Haha

I actually had this friend in college, Patty, who would take out all the contents of your bag just to check what are its contents and will not put everything back inside the bag. Annoying, I know. But Patty’s annoying as shit if you don’t really know her, that is why we’re friends. Haha! I love you Patty if you’re reading this. lol


Above from L-R:

Handy dandy notebook. Every researcher should have one!

Budget Wallet: Nope, it’s not my wallet, it’s where I put the show’s money during shoot. I lost a thousand bucks recently though. Huhu. It’s a gift from Issa from one of her trips!

Cat’s Eye Sunnies (Forever 21): Yep, I finally gave in and got it! Lol

Kikay kit: Every girl should have one. You’ll never know when you’ll meet the one! Yuck.

Cover up (Balabal): I have this in different colors! Almost every girl/gay working at GMA has one! This is so much better than jackets because it’s like a blanket that fits in your bag perfectly! Perfect for a lamigin girl like me who bares lotsa skin! Haha

Second row from L-R:

Phillips’ headset: gift from Sir Bri, my EP, last Christmas parteyy. Who can’t live without music, eh?

Umbrella: The only thing that I think weighs a lot inside my bag! This has been with me for four years, the longest relationship I have with an umbrella. Lol

Shell Wallet: Now, this is my wallet that contains money, cards, discount cards, papers, etc. It’s like Hermione’s bag, actually. Another pasalubong from Sir Bri when he went to Palawan a year ago. I’m still waiting for the new one he got us when he went back to Palawan. He always forgets to give it to us. Lol

Third row from L-R:

IDs: Annex building guards are not strict if they know yer face, yer face is yer ID, but the main building guards are so freakin’ guardia civils if you know what I mean.

iPod tats: For those boring moments. 😀

Cellphone: For people working in the media, a cellphone is something you should never leave home without. It’s like an extension of your hands!

Bench Alcohol: Sanitizer ‘guising as alcohol.

Keys, keychain, nailcutter, flashlight: I don’t know why I still have the keys here from our old apartment! Lol.

Polo spearmint: One of my bag’s staples. haha!

Pens: If you need a notebook, you also need pens! The one that’s with the GMA logo is from Ma’am Jessica Soho in the last elections.

Yellow Fan: From Issa’s work, EYP. Such a cheapskate, she gave this during her 25th birthday. Lol

Chargers: Do I really need to have an explanation to this? I really want a Powerbank though so I could ditch these chargers at home.

I just recently used up the last of my tissue. Haha. (not in the picture)

What’s in your bag? Share!