“Hi, I’m Carmina and I’m a shopaholic.”

I love pretty things and they make me feel happy. Hihi

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So I accompanied Ate Cheng to Trinoma last Friday and bought some stuff that I really don’t need but I would like to make myself believe that I do.

What I got?

Red envelope laptop bag. I believe I need it because my lappy’s old bag is old. haha! And I haven’t had chance to wash it. Why don’t I need it? I have a Halo laptop bag I could use. Hah!


Nail polishes in black (because I saw a picture of Saab Magalona with black polish on and I kinda missed my punk ako days) and pink and my favorite purchase: matte potion. Turns your usual polish to matte. I am so in love with it! The best thing about it is that it cost me less than P20.00! Score!

Here’s the before and after shot:


image (1)

Isn’t it lovely? Hihihi

We also went grocery shopping so I bought my favorite junk food: Leslie’s Cheezy in Red Hot and my current favorite chocolate bar, Cadbury in Cashew and Cookies.

Not in the picture: J.Co donuts we got out of “What’s the fuss with J.Co donuts?!”

Also, I have a confession to make: I recently purchased two shoes online via suelasonline.com. Waiting for it to be delivered by Tuesday. And I’m so kilig about it. Side note: I can’t remember the last time I felt kilig from a boy. Hihihi.

Yeah, yeah, screw me.

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Hihi. I love this wallet. Dickson’s. How very appropriate for this post! 😛

Help me find the 12 steps to quitting shopping?