Never, ever, underestimate the powers of a program researcher. Ooops! I almost put the word “good” before the words program researcher, just because I felt so good about myself on this particular story.

DISCLAIMER: Heavy pucha ang galing galing galing ko ngayong araw na ‘to post or what I’d like to call: writer selfie. Be warned.

See, days before the ninth year of Cinemalaya opened, we found out that Vilma Santos’ Ekstra tickets were already SOLD OUT. ALL SCREENINGS. Even before Cinemalaya opened, yeah, I already said that. But I just want to stress it out.

Anyway, I am so freaking pissed about it that I have been ranting “Yun nga lang yung pelikulang sobrang excited akong mapanood, di ko pa mapapanood?! Ano ba ‘to!”

Invaded na kasi ng mga jeje ang Cinemalaya e unlike before na pwede ka magpunta few minutes before the showing and still score some tickets!

I was even more annoyed when I found out that Macky, one of my friends, was able to get tickets and didn’t even bother to inform me. He told me yesterday though that he’s trying to score another one for me. Yay me!

Here’s the problem: There’s three (me, Dickson and George) of us who really, really wants to go.

Anyway, I cannot just sit and wait for Macky’s contact to say that he is able to get me another ticket, because it is freakin’ SOLD OUT EVERY-FREAKIN-WHERE.

I knew I had to do something.

So I did something I never did before. Use my connections; connections you don’t have. Chos. See, we recently featured Gov. Vilma Santos in the show. And being the researcher of her episode, I have a handful of contacts who I think may help me.

I texted three of them if they have spare tickets I could buy and lo and behold, Jojo Lim, the Vilmanians’ president have some!




photo (3)

Thank you Sir Jojo! Forever grateful!

So, yeah, yeah, I was able to watch Ekstra’s gala earlier. I was also able to score tickets for my mom, who is a Vilmanian pala (I’m not even aware of it, thought she was a Sharonian, but Sharon is a Vilmanian, so keri lang) Dickson, who almost bailed and went at the last minute na rin. And then another five more for some GMA co-workers who were trying to get tickets at the last minute na rin that I bumped into.

photo (4)


With proud Vilmanian Evangeline Mones in my natural habitat.

Macky was able to get the extra ticket (supposed to be for me) and it went to George, so all three of us were still able to watch. His contact’s one of the production staff. I forgot I also have the producer’s number. Lol.

They say, if there’s a will, there’s a way. I said, if there’re no tickets, find good researchers who can score you one. Yep, I’m gloating.

How’s that?



Will write review of the movie once I feel like it, but it was reallyyyy good and was well worth using my researcher skills just to watch it on the day I want to watch it.


Wala na daw UP screening ng Cinemalaya so good luck sa hindi makakanood, but Ayala malls have Cinemalaya rin, so go catch it if you could. Suportahan ang pelikulang Pilipino!