Today my friends, let us all discuss about fantards. Haha!

You know, those retarded fans who would do anything for their idols. I don’t know, maybe even build a shrine for them or something? My friend Dickson knows more about this new breed of stupidity much more than I do (his specialization: JuliElmo fans), so I searched for how the intarnetz describe them.

Please don’t get bored reading these Wikipedia-dictionary-ish explanations below because I have a cool story below. Lol.



A combination word of “fan” and “retard”. Usually used to describe the over-enthused, crazy or hardcore retard fans of various TV shows/comics/games/etc. such as Dragonball or Star Wars.

1. (noun) Any over-the-top fan of anything, but normally used to describe tweens and 40+ year old women who obsess over American Idol contestants.

2. (verb) To act in a manner that would suggest being a fantard.



Music Fantards
Although music fantards usually develop around boybands and shitty MTV rappers and pop gods artists performers, it can develop in any genre. Some genres which have developed many fantards include Juggalo, emo, nu metal, black metal, and goth.

Internet Celebrity Fantards
This is by far arguably the worse type of fantardism to have disgraced all of reality (both IRL and OL). These people apparently worship their usually talentless Youtube idols, who typically suffer from the most unimaginable Unwarranted Self-Importance, and these fanatical troglodytes will still typically defend their idols obsequiously in their hapless brainwashed state! Thankfully, for everyone, many of these supposed fantards are actually trolls and poes in disguise! These pseudo fantards better humanity by cleverly generating massive amounts of butthurt from the real zealous diehard fans and/or their “Master”. May the lulz and drama always be with them! Hopefully the majority of these people are of the pseudo-fantard type otherwise the future humanity is bleak!



Most fantards, if not all, read an article without comprehending and 99% of fantards are motivated by blind loyalty or a sad need to be popular or accepted.

Fantards are also known to be really rude and bias to their own fan bases. Like in a love team, one favors the other more than the other partner. They don’t run-through fairness for they are one-sided low beings lost in this world.

They don’t practice literary or any type of preference tolerance: broad mindedness.

Ways to Spot a Fantard:

1. Blind loyalty, show in an annoying and rude demeanor, to any series; especially popular ones

2. Being rude and immature to people who only write opinionated things (masyadong affected)

3. Having no knowledge of scenes or people or things, yet cry out loud like a retard.

4. Not open-minded to possibilities

5. Reacts when stabbed by a comment or article.

6. Bias in more ways than one

7. Conclusions without any proof



Now that we all know what a fantard is, you may be asking why am I posting about it?

I had a brush with a Selena Gomez fantard earlier and whoever this person is, it’s grossing me out. Read much, Ateng?

Oh yeah, my bad, it has been said above that “Most fantards, if not all, read an article without comprehending” and this is what happened to me.

So earlier, I was listening to Selena Gomez’s song “Who Says” and I tweeted this:.


It’s not as if I’m saying she’s ugly, because she’s not, and that is not the reason why I tweeted that. I’m just saying that the song is intentionally meant for people who are not on the prettier side of things, lol, because it’s a reassurance that they are still pretty even if they are being bullied because they do not look like a VS model, heh.

Now I don’t know why this fantard replied to my tweet with this:

tweet 2

Wasn’t my post clear enough? Was I, in any way bashing her oh so perfect idol? It was a freaking 10 words, 55 character post that she/he/it did not understand. I mean, how stupid can you get?

I mean, check out the lyrics, man!

Oh, yeah. How would that fantard know the meaning behind the song when she/he/it can’t even comprehend my one sentence tweet?!

So I answered her with this:

tweet 3

Blocked her on Twitter right away after answering her nasty reply to my harmless post, because I do not want to pick fights with fantards.

Oh-kay. So I did make patola sa miswa, but only because she/he/it is sooooo stupid I cannot help myself from doing it!

As Rachel Green has said it, “I know it was a cheap shot, but I feel so much better now!” 🙂