Two days into it and my August have already been a series of ups and downs I can’t seem to remember most of the things that has happened. And we are just on Day 2. How sick is that?

Anyway, let’s try to break this down chronologically because seriously, I can’t tell you how these two days happened without me feeling all over the place. Mehehehe.

August 1.

I seriously felt that this month is going to be hell for me. Aba, e kasisimula pa lang, problema agad ang haharapin ko.

I went to Globe Customer Service to have another SIM card with the same number because my SIM had been acting up. They gave me a new one and said wait for a day for it to be activated. (I’ll be blogging about this whole fiasco so as not to make this a very lengthy post.)

Afterwards, I went to work and did all the coordination I need for Ate Cheng’s shoot on August 2 for the episode we’re working on for Best Men. Yiz, I’m a racketeer once again, but not the old full blown racketeer alipin ng salapi kind. Just the my-regular-show’s-not-too-busy-okay-I’m-going-to-accept-this-raket kind.

Felt so happy about this day that I was able to book everything she needs for the shoot. From the locations, to talents and experts, I seriously felt like I’m the #bestresearcherever that day! Lol. Until I realized that I forgot to tell the prod coordinator that we will be needing a camera crew and van for the shoot. Bwahahaa. Now I’m the #epicfailresearcher hahaha! Thank God though I was able to move all the shoot from Tuesday to Wednesday next week. Yay me! Now I’m back to being the #bestresearcherever feeling. lol

Afterwards, I got my free tickets to Cinemalaya’s Instant Mommy (courtesys of Macky) and tagged along my sister Cat who hasn’t watched a single Cinemalaya movie this year. Yet. Anyway, I forced her to treat me to dinner over at Army Navy Vito Cruz before heading to CCP’s last full show. šŸ™‚

Pretty much an okay day considering I am still freaking pissed about my SIM losing it’s signal and having to contact everyone that matters to me that my old number is currently deactivated and I’m using another number.

August 2.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I really, really want to use my old number but when I tried inserting it to my phone, it still wouldn’t work. had to call Globe once again to get it fixed ASAP or they really are going to get it. Big words.

Coordinated Rouel’s (Powerhouse reenactment) and Ate Cheng’s (another Best Men segment) shoots and I’m really glad I am able to get things done. Shooting both shows on Sunday. Hell, yeah, lagarista beybe!

Feeling kinda irritated though with a nasty reply from a Selena Gomez fantard I got from Twitter (I wrote about it in the previous post!) and out intern’s lack of initiative with the things I asked her to do. I mean seriously, do I really have to do everything if I want things to be done the way I want it to? What are interns for?!

Had merienda/dinner with Ate Tinz and Dianne at Tea and Co. while browsing through Jeane Napoles’ Tumblr account. That girl is so freaking lucky, until now that her family’s name is being dragged to this P10-B pork barrel scam. What do you think about that? I mean her swarovski-embedded Louboutins, partying with the music industry’s A-listers, attending Grammy’s and meeting people we all only dream of meeting (Justin Timberlake, Blake Lively WTF?!) OMG talaga!

Now I’m doing this:

photo (6)

Helping my brother in his script. Dakilang ate.

The best thing that happened today? Got the new SIM activated! And kras is…. hihihihihi


I am on a blogging spree. I’ll get back on my pending Bamboo Palace resmats laturrs. Sorry Rouel, my mind is fleeing to a lot of things I have to puke them out of my system. I promise I’ll do it!

Oh, yeah. I am so baaaaaack!

Now I’m looking at more hell days, since I take another show, pansamantagal, lol, missing Ate Joy and Ken :(, and saving up for Christmas! I seriously don’t have anything planned as of this moment, I’m just going with the flow, I just hope that August will be a prelude of a better month next month because it’s my birth month beybe, boo yeah!

How’s August treating you so far?