Not a bunch really (Thank heavens!). Just two pairs of shoes from Suelas Online. They’re on SALE and you know my eyes look brighter and I am giddier than usual with the word SALE!

Mama was freaking out again when she got the shoe mail delivered at a doorstep. Lol. It was because not too long ago when she said “Tigilan niyo na ang kabibili ng sapatos! Para na tayong may tindahan ng sapatos dito!” to me and my sister Cat (who bought another pair yesterday when she got her swelday. Lol

Sometimes, we just buy shoes to annoy our mother. Chos! Honestly, we both think that we deserve new shoes every now and then because you work for it. So sino makikinabang niyan? Habang dalaga pa, spend the money you want to spend. Because one day, you’re going to devote every single centavo to your kids. That’s just me, though. See, I’ve seen lots of people who can’t buy the things they want for themselves because they have to buy this and that and prioritize their kids before their own needs. I wouldn’t want to be that shoe-deprived girl. Although, I don’t think YOLO as well. I still have my savings. 🙂

Anyway, I am trying my damndest best to be on a shopping hiatus until I get myself back on the financial track. Lol. Except for that sewing machine I’ve been eyeing in like forever, I want it as a gift for my twenty-fifth birthday (yuck), I will try not to buy anymore shoes than what I already need. Keeping my fingers crossed. Don’t laugh at me!

Here’s the purchase:

photo (5)It’s an explosion of pink! Lol. Neon pink and nude shoes and this glittery flats both from Suelas. The neon pink hurts the first time I wore it, and I haven’t worn the glittery one just yet so I’d have to figure that out yet.

Both are sale at P500 each. Steal!

Visit Suelas at

And oh!

I forgot that I also switched brands from Nivea to Human Nature (deodorant). I read from somewhere that anti-perspirants is one of the causes of cancer and deos should do just that, minimize the smell of your pits, not prevent it from sweating. And since my mom had 13 thingamajigs removed from both her breasts late last year, I freaked out when I read that Nivea is an anti-perspirant and not a deodorant. Human Nature sells all-natural products. It;s created by Anna Meloto Wilk and her sister, Camille. We featured them at Powerhouse last year and I’m working on his father’s episode for now, Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga.

I’ve yet to see how will my body react to it since I’m just on the third day of usage, but I’ll update more if something good or bad happens. i got if for P89.75. May P5 off, Jocel, the reseller said. Haha!

You must remember though that this is not a sponsored post. I really hope one day it will be, though.