I promised myself I would try to blog frequently. And blog more relevant and things that made sense, too. Haha. I also promised I would write about my Cinemalaya experience, so here it is!


Also, expect a photo heavy post!

Day 1: Expect the Unexpected 

Saturday, July 27, 2013


#OOTD daw muna

Hello, CCP. We meet again! July is one of the best times of the year for Communication students/graduates like me, pretty much like Christmastime for us as we are gifted with films that make sense and not those mainstream shit they feed us every year (MMFF as well, gaaaah). This year is not  that different. We were all giddy about this one week thing that everyone was trying to curb their schedules to the movies they wanted to catch. And I, was one of them.


me, Dickson, Luther (we bumped into him!) and Macky

My day 1 was spent with CMC friends Dickson, Macky and George. We watched Purok 7 and Porno. Purok 7, mainly because it was the only movie that is not SOLD OUT yet on that 6:15 time slot and Porno, because it was directed by our film prof at PLM, Direk Adolf Alix.

Got a little pissed on this day as well because I found out that most movies are already sold out. WTF right? Anyare?!

Thankfully though, we were able to catch some movies and got them half off because we asked students to buy for us. Yeah, yeah, sue me. Talk to me again when you’re already earning your own money. #defensive

Purok 7 is an okay film for me, not disappointing being  the first movie I’ve seen that day. No reviews here. Haha. Will try to write about them if my mind and body will allow it. Hoho.

Porno on the other hand screams porn porn porn all the way. I mean, what would you expect from the title itself? Haha.

What I love about the movies though, is that I wasn’t able to watch any of their trailers, nor was I able to read the synopsis so I wasn’t really expecting a lot of things to both movies. And sometimes, not having any expectations or not knowing the background of the movies you’re about to watch is an okay thing to do. Pretty much like opening a present and feeling surprised with what’s inside. Heh.


with Ma’am Neriz


with Dean Ludz! (Di pa rin ako sanay tawagin kang dean! haha)

We also get to meet some of our beloved professors Ma’am Neriz and Ma’am Ludz (now dean) so it was a pretty much CMC reunion daaaaay for us!

Day 2: Vilmanians On The Loose!

Sunday, July 28, 2013



Day 2 was a gloomier day than day 1 I actually thought it was preventing me from seeing Vilma Santos’ Ekstra. Hoho.


leather weather!

But that leather weather didn’t stop me from doing that. I met with Macky, his mom and girlfriend to watch the movie. I on the other hand, tagged my Vilmanian mom along with me and also got tickets for Dickson, who really wanted to watch it and with George as well.

photo (3)

my Esktra ticket!

Vilmanians were every-effin-where! Very cool, if you’d ask me, especially since I was able to guest THE Vilma Santos on Powerhouse some few weeks ago, the main reason why I was able to watch the so-called “SOLD OUT EVERY-FREAKIN’-WHERE” movie that day. And with my mom, too!

photo (4)

watched with this girlfriend lol

Read my verrrry cool story here!

After the movie, my mom waited for almost two hours for Ate Vi, but she’s nowhere to be found! Haha. So she just took a picture with the governor’s bus. Lol. I’m lucky I was able to take a photo with her at Batangas!

While waiting for Ate Vi, we saw some stars and had pictures taken with them.


with Ekstra director, Jeffrey Jeturian. Two thumbs up on the movie!


mama with Alex and Pen Medina! I introduced Cinemalaya to her!

A very funny epic fail story here. We saw JD de Vera in the main lobby and gahd was he cute! My mom asked me to take a picture with him. And this is what happened.


her picture with JC

Me: Ako naman, ma!

(mom takes picture)

(I checked the picture)


blurred pic number 1

Me: Maaaaaa! Blurred! Ano ba yan?! Kahit kelan ka talaga!

Mama: Dalawa naman yan. Check mo yung isa.

(checks the next photo)


blurred pic number 2

Me: E blurred pa rin e! Ano ba yan?! Nakakainis ka! Tignan mo yung picture ko sa yo ang linaw linaw! Yung picture mo sa kin ang pangit pangit!

At this point I was ranting to George at my two blurry photos with JC. Anyare ma?!

George: Sabihin mo pa-picture ka dali, ako na kukuha sayo.

Me: E nakakahiya!

Mama: Sige na, magpa-picture ka ulit!

Me: JC, pwede pa-picture ulit? Blurred kasi e.

(George takes picture)


finally! a better picture!

Me after seeing the picture: WEEEEEEEEH!


Buti na lang talaga Papa Jowdz was there!

Day 3: Hey, Soul Sister!

On Wednesday, Macky, my bitch of a friend called and asked me if I am doing something on Thursday. I said nothing. And he said, “may ite-text ako sa’yo”

here’s the message:


Me after reading the message: Hands up in the air and said “YES!”

So I asked my sister to come with me to watch the movie since she’s all “Bat di mo sinabi na may ticket kas a Ekstra blah” last Saturday on me.


sister act

And then I asked her to treat me to dinner because I got her free tickets and it’s her swelday. Haha!

And what do you know, she gladly obliged and treated me to a free meal at Army Navy. Haha!

Instant Mommy was a feel good movie. Made me not to trust men more, Japanese men to be exact. Pero ha, ganda mo dyan Eugen Domingo! lol


Day 3!

Oh! This is the only movie I get to watch at orchestra, lakas maka-mayaman. Haha! All my other tickets were Balcony 1. Sheesh.

Bumped into this people as wellll!

image image_15 image_7

‘Twas a pretty much fun-filled Cinemalaya week for me. Too bad though as I wasn’t able to watch the other movies I wanted to watch like Sana Dati, Transit, Babagwa and Rekorder.

Too bad as well since there will be no UP Cinemalaya run this year. I wonder why. The good thing though is that there will be a theatrical run of the movies (I heard, and I hope!) so let’s try to catch all of those movies people. Do yourself a favor and support these movies and not those stupid romcom movies starring those crappy love teams and idiotic screenplay that will only treat you like you’re an imbecile. Hey! That’s a lot of synonyms for the word “stupid!”