“Hi, my name is Carmina and I am a shopaholic.”

(Hi, Carmina!) Kunwari sumagot kayo! Haha

Today I am here to share with you one of my accomplishments. I’ve been to one of the biggest shopping areas in Manila this afternoon with my sister and I was able to dodge all shoes, bags, skirts and clothes that kept luring me to buy them.

Do you know that scene in “Confessions of a Shopaholic” where Rebecca was being called by the mannequins to buy them? I had the exact experience earlier, only my sister Cat was the mannequin and I was able to control myself and not buy them.

Yay me!

If you have been following me on Twitter, do you remember this tweet?



I am taking this dare seriously.

photo (5)


These babies from Suelas!

And it was July 30 when I last bought my two pair of shoesies. And I have not bought another pair since. I am so freaking proud of myself. The last time I felt so high and proud about an accomplishment was when our group nailed our thesis defense. Hohoho.

If you want the specifics, I was able to stop myself from buying a maong long sleeves, a white long sleeves, a black skater skirt, a sailor-inspired dress, an aztec bodycon, a cropped top and a peach bodycon that I almost bought when I saw another girl inquiring about it when I turned away.

I swear I almost screamed, “That bodycon’s mine, bitch!” a la Chloe of Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23.

Although, honestly, I don’t know if I have really gained self-control for the past two weeks, or the clothes are not as pretty as I want them to be. Either way, I am this close to fulfilling my promise of not buying anything I don’t really need for a month.

I remember George when we went to SM North EDSA the past weekend. He keeps on covering my eyes whenever we see a “SALE” sign! Hahahah! What a good friend! lol

photo 3

I only bought this Powerbank though, and this is not an unnecessary purchase since I always ran out of battery whenever I am working on the field. This is also the reason why I dragged Cat to Greenhills Shopping Center to buy this.

I got this baby for P900.00 only and it has a 4400mah.

And oh! It smells like a bath soap too! I wish it came in hot pink, or teal, two of my favorite colors, but yellow is okay na rin, since it is a happy color.

I love how it complements my hot pink headset!

photo 2

Later on, we went to Krispy Kreme and McDo for merienda. Heyyy! Food not included in the dare so I had iced latte (poor man’s Starbucks and doughnuts!)

I am Carmina Mones, and I am sober for 12 days already. 19 days more and I would be able to tell myself I was able to take on the challenge of not buying things I don’t need. I’m glad the bed weather we are having now is helping. Teehee.


Cat, on the other hand, is such a failure. She bought three items today. And she is a PG. Kanin sa meryenda? Lol.

photo 1


Hello tabachoy!!!