When my segment producer Rouel posted via Facebook that there will be a special screening of this much talked about horror movie, I told forced my friends that we need to watch this movie ASAP, because I do not want to hear all the plot on Twitter and Facebook and scream “SPOILERSSS!” Being the horror flick lovers that they are, like me, we went to watch the last special screening yesterday at Trinoma.

The funny thing was we bumped into a lot of GMA people I told Ate Cheng and Julianne, “Di ba to special screening for GMA employees?” Haha.

Spotted: My Powerhouse EP Brian Geli with entertainment staffers, Flo, Kuya Buboy, Ang Pinaka staff, my former EP at Follow That Star Xtian Julao, whose movie date didn’t come (lol) and other “taga-GMA yun diba?”

Also spotted are teenybopper internet sensation Chicser who kept on roaming the cinemas area of Trinoma before the screening. I don’t know, where are the groupies boys? Chos.

Here’s the review:

Set in 1971, the family of Roger and Caroline Perron moved to a new house they won in a bank bid. With their five daughters, they lived in this white house built in the 1800s. So you know the drill, old house, papaanong hindi haunted?

Lesson: Wag bibili ng bahay kahit gaano pa kamura without knowing the history of the house.

Anyway, there were infestations (watch the movie so you’d know what I’m talking about) from the people who previously lived in the house leaving the family with no choice: look for demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren to help them out.

The couple then find out that the house and the land is owned by a witch who cursed everyone who will try to take the land away from her. Afterwards, the following owners all died and killed their child, who are now haunting the house. So imagine the horror sa dami ng multo sa bahay na ito.

Side thought: I hope they’d do the same in the Philippines so landgrabbers will die of haunting. Hohoho.

I wouldn’t want to be the spoiler who broke your hearts and wants my head on a plate so I’m just going to tell that there are lots of “Boo!” moments in the film when the ghosts are haunting the family. The camera angles are effin’ good especially that part where one of the kids, whose feet were constantly grabbed by the ghost, take a peek under her bed if the boogie man is under there. Haha! Galiiing!

I also shrieked a lot when the ghost first showed her appearance, reminds me of that scene where Julie Vega (RIP) appeared in a movie wherein she was possessed by the demon, na ikinamatay din daw niya. I forgot the title, very haunting movie din yun.

Ang galing mag-heighten ng suspense ng movie na ‘to. I swear. I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt so exhausted after watching a possession movie. Paranormal Activity, Sinister, Insidious are all boring compared to this. I didn’t even text the entire time (I know it’s unethical but my work is soooo hectic I just have to) because I do not want to miss a single thing in the movie!

If you are going to ask me what’s the best word to describe the movie is that it is a screamfest or makapigil-hininga. a friend recorded the movie, charot, voice recorded lang, the screams of the people and when we were listening to it, it was like we were riding a roller coaster ride for two hours. The sound effects, too, oh my, galing ng buildup. Exhausting, I’m telling you. If you do not want to jog but want to lose some calories, go watch this movie.

Not recommended for the faint-hearted with Ana Rodrigo scaredy cat levels. Not recommended to Catherine Mones nababaliw sa horror flick sa sinehan levels (because you go cray cray watching a horror flick, the people are sure as hell going to end up watching a cat fight instead. Kidding!)

Although, overrated naman ang mga tao sa pagsasabing hindi sila makatulog after watching the movie, or it has a psychological effect shiz, I mean, sure it’s nakakagulat and nakakatakot and all that, but not to the point na hindi ka makakatulog no. Linda Blair’s The Exorcist is still the best. Ang OA lang nung iba, pagsisipain ko kayo dyan e. Kung gusto niyo talaga ng may psychological effect at di kayo makakatulog after, watch Sweeney Todd, potek, I’m never watching that movie again! Kahit bayaran niyo pa ko.

Last, watch it during off peak hours, when we watched it last night, napaka-anti-climactic ng mga tao, they keep on screaming wala pa nangyayari. I seriously wanted to punch the girl seated beside Julianne. Ang ingay, bulag ba yung katabi mo at hindi niya nakikita na umangat yung upuan?! At umikot yung locket mag-isa?! Nakakairita, ang papapansin. I miss Cinemalaya matatalino viewers tuloy.

The Conjuring’s regular opening is on August 21. Go watch it! Definitely one of the best horror movies this year, and this is coming from a hard to please zombie flick lover like me. O  weno naman?! Haha.  🙂

So who wants to play hide and clap with me?