I am just so freaking proud of myself for being able to organize my hard drive and my laptop’s files. Finally!

And yeah, being able to delete viruses on my HD, that super makulit Thumbs.db and Autorun.

I mean, if you know how stupid I am at techie stuff that I always have to “pretty please, with sugar on top” my way on it, say it with me: “Boo yeah!”

Did it myself. Myself!  😉

The power of Google!

Now I’ve more than 109 gb free on my 500gb hd, which is previously at 89gb. This in turn translates to: more movies and making more room for The Walking Dead series this coming October. And oh, some of these free space will also go to Grimm, Suits, The Newsroom and Grey’s Anatomy.

Hoho. Look at those priorities. Lol. Or until I’ve the moolah to buy another hard drive. In the future, beybe, in the near future. Haha!

So yeah, #GMG works, right? It’s as simple as typing in “remove autorun on hard drive.” So please, do yourself a favor, and do not ask the stupid little things on Facebook and Twitter. Save yourself the humiliation, save us the annoyance, and Google it! The knowledge is right at your fingertips!