You want to know what I miss? I miss not giving a damn when expletives come out of my mouth down to my fingertips. I hate that people sometimes have to text me to tell me “Hey, maybe you should delete your post, lest you want to get a memo from the bosses” and not having the balls to keep the post, because hey! who wants a memo, right?

I hate that stupid #thinkbeforeyouclick campaign and having to think about every single thing I post just because I work for the media. I hate the fact that the phrase “with great power comes great responsibility” is very much true to our profession. I hate that I have to censor myself, and my blogs even if I already put “the opinions expressed by the author does not reflect the opinion of the company that she works for” in my about me page. I miss being the opinionated me, the meanie, the sarcasm that people can’t believe that are coming out of my mouth, the restrictions and all.

I kinda feel like a mainstream movie trying to get a R-13 just to have a wider audience when in fact, I’d rather be R-rated or even an indie movie where there are no restrictions and people fuck the rules.

I miss saying think before you click my ass.

I miss the freedom. And myself.

What the hell, I just miss not giving a flying fuck.