So, whaddaya know? This is my first post as a twenty five year old girl. Shit, I still can’t get over the fact that I have turned 25. I still feel like 19 at times, and I freaking look like a 16 year old. Lol.

Anywhores, I’ve checked my previous posts and it seemed like I’ve been blabbering about issues and other things and I have not been talking about myself, which is the whole point of this blog, right? Yuck, this is like my literary version of selfie! Haha! I’m showing you selfies of my brain pooping in different ways! Lol.

Seriously though, if you still don’t know why I keep a blog, it’s that I tend to forget about a lot of things and writing about them helps me remember them, kinda like my own version of “The Notebook,” aside from the fact that I also do this to de-stress and rant about things that may or may not matter.

So how’s my life lately, you may or may not ask?

563543_10201963709752672_617311486_nThe bitch celebrated her xxth birthday.

Birthday salubong with some of my favorite people in the world!

47766_727459497269487_1886920968_nPagongsters Monsters (Issa, Ghe, me, my red lips, Jovi and Cha)

We all met up at Shakey’s Glorietta, ate and chatted for hours. The best thing about this meetup is that everyone said yes right awat when we set the date, first time it happened, if you’d ask me. Fuuuuun night! We planned to sleep on a motel after just for kicks but since the rain was pouring, all motels were full so we all just went home after the rain subsided. Lol. Wala, adventure lang, baket. Lol

The next day, on my real birthday, I had a shoot. Well what’s new? Remember when I had to shoot my previous birthday as well? Haha.

Well this time’s a bit better than the last since we were able to finish earlier than before.

I brought my family to Rub at Timog, QC. Their steak is to die for. And I’m obviously thinking about it right now. Huhu.

Here are some pixelated Instagram shots from Cat. Lol



Yeah, we had to eat outside because we were number 10 on the waiting list, and we were so hungry so we said, to hell with it, we’re eating here! And the rain poured! Blessings, blessings. Teehee.


I feel so loved this year that one of my good friends, Marvie, gave me this 1000 puzzle thing and I think I may have just created a distraction from work, or added another stress in my life. haha!

When will I ever finish this? I don’t know. I may have need to take a break from work. Haha!

Aside from this, my sister also gave me a blouse, which I chose! Haha. And I got a surprise birthday video greeting from Lourd De Veyra and I want to share it here but I seriously don’t know why and Hello, WordPress, can you be as friendly as Google? Lol. Also, I have a birthday greeting video from Rafael Rossell and dear GMA friends, give it to me na!

How do I post a video? Lol

Well, what else?

I might have been a verrry good girl that THE GUY up there made me meet this guy down here.

537215_10202006634106830_618514261_nwith Marc Nelson

Never thought I’d be able to work with this guy in this lifetime. I mean, I don’t have any plans of moving to the other network so meeting him is like “suntok sa buwan.” But you know, hahaha!

Glad to have talked to him about Amazing Race Asia 2 and their (him and Rovilson’s) experience in the race. Remember how gaga I went over these guys? Here’s a proof! Lol


The best thing about this episode is that… okay I wouldn’t want to share that part until it becomes official. Haha. I have this thing about telling people things that are still on its way and sometimes they don’t push through and we wouldn’t want that do we? Anyway, once it becomes official, you’ll here it from me. yuck, I sound like a starlet waiting for her big break. Lol

Oh and yes! This blog recently hit the 12k mark! As I’ve mentioned on my Facebook status, thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read about how mundane my life is! Haha!

12000 mark

I hope you guys won’t get tired of me because I promised to myself I would update this blog at least once a week. 🙂 Or twice, if I have the time or I’m on mental diarrhea. 😛

In other news, I have been deleting pictures from my iPod’s camera roll and I saw pictures of buildings and views and foods and kids and the whatnot I took and I’m like, why didn’t we took photos together? Weird. But then again, I guess that’s okay, I really hate having too much memories to ponder on. I’m just saying sometimes I miss you.

For what it’s worth, that was fun while it lasted.

I think that’s about it for what’s happening in my life, lately. In terms of work, I think things are getting better. My finances, let’s not talk about how much money I have in the bank for now. Lol. My love life is the same from the last time we all met, no, I don’t have a boyfriend. And no, for the nth time, stop accusing me of becoming a tomboy, I’m a halaman. Haha!

I’m Instagramming my life on a daily basis, so you may also want to follow that account (wow artista!) and I don’t take lots of selfies! I’m @carrrrmina on IG! 🙂

I’m watching the delayed telecast of Ms. World for now and I think congratulations to Megan Young is in order! At least something good like this is happening to the country after the series of blows that has recently hit us. 🙂