I love haters! They’re kinda like these people who can’t admit to themselves that they like you so they find your imperfections and try to bring you down by using it against you. They’re these people who take time out of their often boring, uneventful lives to dig dirt on you, however small or big they may be. That, or they want something that you have that they pretty much can’t achieve it.

Bottomline: Losers who need to get a life and their wifi connections cut.

Remember this Mean Girls line?

“I was a woman possessed. I spent about 80 percent of my time talking about Regina. And the other 20 percent of the time, I was praying for someone else to bring her up so I could talk about her more. [out loud] She’s not even that good-looking if you really look at her.” – Cady Heron

Okay, before you assume that I have a hater, I would like to clarify that no, I do not have anybody hating on me. I mean, who would hate such a sweet, kind girl like me? Meh. I wish I am a sweet, kind girl. Haha!

I maybe a mean girl, but nobody hates me, everybody loves me and everything I do, right? People love my guts. Charrr.  Haha.  I actually don’t know why people can still stand me even after I give them sarcastic remarks. It’s beyond me, I swear. I’m sure not everyone likes me as a person and I’m fine with that, but they don’t hate-hate me. I think it’s a talent. Lels.

It’s that, or they’re too scared to even hate me. Wow. Big words.

But if ever I do have a hater, I do not know anyone that exists in my world. If you hate me, comment below. And then write your reasons in a 1/8 sheet of paper, Times New Roman, 10 font size.

Oh, nothing, I’m writing about this because I’m reading a lot of bitter comments from people regarding Megan Young’s Ms. World 2013 win. Haha. Those poor people who can’t stand to be happy with another person’s win. Who cares if she’s half American? Why shouldn’t we give emphasis on the fact that she is half Filipina?

I’m updating this blog because a Devina Demonya Deviva surfaced on the internet saying how can a Filipina win a beauty contest when all we’re ever good at is cleaning homes. Lol.

Honestly people, let’s stop stooping down to this girl’s level and let her be. Every time naman e, lagi tayong ginaganyan ng mga feeling of the higher race. Let’s all take the high road and not mind these stupid people who go after a pikon country like us just to trend in Twitter.

Tigilan na natin please. Tsaka pwede ba, ang babalat sibuyas, e kung makapang-asar din naman tayo grabehan din. Remember that time when we lost to Iran? Didn’t we say that they’re smelly as hell? Tas ngayon nagagalit kayo? Hahaha. Tawa ko na lang. Ang lilinis. Ano ulit sabi sa bibliya? He who has not made a sin cast the first stone nga ba?

Make use of your time well, like how I’m going to by ending this post right here.

That’s it. My mind’s in many places so this post is in many places as well. Haha. Sorry for blabbing.