I could have sworn last night’s cab ride was one of the most thrilling cab rides I’ve had in my life, And no, thrilling not in a good way, but one of those where you feel like you’re in a suspense story and you’re the next victim thrill kind of way. Lol.

Last night, Chissa, Julianne and I met up at Trinoma and tried out the new cutesy store, Vanilla Cupcakes and Bakery (?) Help me out here, I forgot the name of the store. Anyway, their cupcakes are to die for. Try it out!

So after having dinner, we went inside and do any other girls would, window shop. Then I told Chissa I really wanted to watch Insidious but I don’t have anyone to watch it with me and I don’t really want to go home late.

Ate Cheng said yes though, and my “I want to watch this, why haven’t I watched this movie yet” thought won me over and so we did!

Since it was the last full show, we’d be going home late. Movie ended at around midnight.

Coming from Trinoma, there are two ways I can go home.

1. Go to the other side of Trinoma, pa-south bound, hail a bus, get off at Cubao and take a jeep going to Divisoria. The long overpass walk is something I could not dare take since we just don’t know if someone would grab me or my bag. I can’t risk that.

2. Hail a cab and tell the driver to drive me to my house. This is the obvious and safer choice, but —

If you know me all too well, you’d know how praning I’d get every time I ride the taxi, especially at night. And I don’t know why I still do it. Haha! My praning levels rose to higher levels though when a lot of women shared their scary stories about taxi driver’s new MO (modus operandi) to take advantage of the vulnerability of their passengers. Not to mention Kae Davantes’ story, right?

If you don’t know Kae Davantes getting kidnapped in front of her house (in front of her house inside the subdivision!) and killed, then I don’t know what kind of shit you are watching. Seriously, watch the news.

If you haven’t heard of the new MO, then I guess you’re not as into the social networks as a lot of people are, or you have crappy internet connection. Chos!

Anyway, the new MO is that taxi drivers would have a water-like solution that when they put some of it on a rag and place the rag on the AC vent, you’d feel woozy and weak in an instant, easier for them to do things to you. I don’t know if they just rob their victims or they rape them as well, because all women lived to tell their tale; but with all these stories all being told by women, I guess rape is another option, if you look enticing enough to them. JK!

I’ve read at least three or four different stories and each one of them are scary as shit, you know how based on a true story is scary? Yep, like that.

Anyway, I opted to ride the cab last night than ride the bus + jeepney combo. I really wanted to ride the big company-owned ones, since they are more reliable and I feel much safer, but I rode a white cab with plate number TXN 740 Cerfhint Taxi.

I peeked inside to check if the cab has a water bottle and rag inside, but the light was off. I hesitated. But then the security guard already gave me that small reference paper and I had to go inside.

That was one of the most tensed 18 minutes of my life. I was even more relaxed while watching Insidious 2, which has really good, but predictable story line, well for me at least. But maybe that’s just me, or Ate Cheng said “nag-iisip writer ka.” But good story nonetheless, better than the first one, but the first one was more of a screamfest. Mkay, that’s for another story, going back…

The moment I get in, I texted the plate and other info to my friends. Then I called my mom, and told her: “Ma, nakasakay na ko. Text ko na lang sayo yung taxi,” making sure that the driver heard it. I read somewhere that you have to let the driver hear that you are inside his cab and that somebody else knows the entire details so if he has planned anything funny, he would not dare do it and instead he would become your instant protector.

Afterwards, I tried talking to the cab driver to make myself feel at ease and to check if the driver is makwento or if he’s not, maybe has plans of killing me! I was thinking hard if I would talk to him about the Ms. World, the pork barrel or something that is relatable to him. So I asked him about the Grab App taxi and how much does a driver make. Haha! The driver was makwento, like how most taxi drivers are. I felt a bit relieved, but I was still so restless and I couldn’t make myself relax.

Ninety percent of the time I was looking at the water bottle and the other ten percent, I was looking at the surroundings should he make a turn to a street I didn’t instruct him about.

My mind was conjuring a lot of horrible things like getting robbed, raped, killed, thrown at the river, and I will be recovered bloated and I will be as ugly as F inside my coffin. Sad.

But I still have presence of mind that if ever this man would do something he should not do, I will throw my bag handle over his head and strangle him with it. Yeah, read that somewhere. Or I might jump out of the cab, but I thought about Janna, another GMA employee who was hospitalized when her head hit the gutter when she jumped out of a moving taxi, the taxi tried to rob her in front of their house. In front of their house!

I swore that in those 18 minutes, I have made different scenarios inside my head that writers could use in their next movie. Lol.

I got home safe, thankfully. The moment my feet felt solid ground, I was relieved. I felt like the roller coaster ride is over. Aatakihin ata ako. I texted the girls then that I’m home.

Julianne asked me “natakot ka?” I said yes! And that I’m near my house already and that chinika ko na lang si kuya and he has a water bottle inside his cab as well so I was so scared for my life. Lol

Then she replied with “Sira sa Insidious.” And that praning na ko sa taxi. Hahahaha!  And I said yes. And that mas natakot pa k dun kaysa sa palabas.

But ye know, it’s better to be always vigilant than to feel at ease with everyone. Manila is not a safe place anymore, sadly. We always have to look at our backs, I’m actually planning to have a third eye installed on my nape. Charosss. Haha!

Wala lungs, share ko lang ang napakahaba kong storya about last night and to warn you girls as well. Nakakatakot na ngayon, at ayoko ma-rape no. Sana man lang yung hindi pilitan diba? Lol.

If and when you got into a real life and death situation, get off the freaking car! Me? I would take a photo of the driver on my phone and tell him na ibaba ako kasi magkakamatayan talaga kami pag mangrerape pa. Kunin mo na lang yung mga gamit, harujusko. Ayyy, I also subtly told the driver pala about me working in the media so he would maybe somehow think na madali siyang ipa-media, or that my uncle’s the chief of police in Pasig. Lol. I also read about making the driver drink the “water” haha just to be safe so you can try that as well. Lol

Sa lahat naman, takutan lang. Unang matakot, talo. It’s like a game of chess. Protect your king.

Here are the other stories I’m telling you about that made me more praning than ever and try to learn how to save yourself. I really wanted to take self-defense lessons now. But I guess the internet’s how-to’s are helping as well.




I also read something like a masseuse almost getting raped. I just can’t find the story for now.

Be vigilant. Do not trust anybody. Always have presence of mind. Do not ride taxi if you still have other options. Try not to ride taxi cabs alone. And do not go home late like me! Be safe, people! 🙂