Or That Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez Moment Where I Still Couldn’t Believe This Is All Happening To Me

Missed me?

Yeah, I kind of missed me, too. But I just want to say, that me being in hiatus for almost two weeks in this site has a reason, a very nice reason. I didn’t want to share it to a lot of people who are not really connected to it, because I have this thing on jinxing stuff I want to happen when lots of people, especially when my mom knows about it.

DISCLAIMER: Pretty long post, I’ll try to shorten it, but I hope you’ll read ’til the end. 🙂

So I finally produced my first episode for Powerhouse after two years of working as a researcher for the show. Yay me! Although I wrote half an episode before for Follow That Star, Powerhouse is closer to my heart since this is where I started, and boy, I’m glad I’m still here.

Anyway, the heavens must have conspired in celebrating my twenty-fifth (ulk) birthday and they gave me two of my favorite people in the world to write for: Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez. Yep, if you’ve been with me since my Multiply days, you know how gaga I’ve gone for these hotties during college.

Case in point:



If you would ask this dugyot looking girl that meeting them and interviewing them and doing a feature on them will happen in the future, I bet she’s going to tell you you’re nuts.

A bit of a back story: I was supposed to just go with Jen (our new researcher) to guide her on how to conduct research for Powerhouse. However, I’ve been stumped with work and I wasn’t able to go and I was so sad because I’ve had the biggest teenage crush on him. Then I got a call from my executive producer that I will be producing the episode on the two, and I’m like, mind blown.

I think my heart just skipped a beat. Lol.

Anyway, tried my damnedest best to produce and write it. I was super nervous and my mind’s everywhere. Just glad that Chissa told me “wala naman talagang nagiging handang maging SP” line and the boosts from some co-workers made me think that, hey, if they think I’m ready, why will I think that I’m not?



Why do you have to be so pogi, and charming and intelligent and a good cook and all?

It was September 24 (a belated gift, I guess!) when we interviewed THE Marc Nelson. I got a bit starstruck and was at awe because never in a million years had I thought I would be able to work with him since he was with channel two, right? And he’s here, in the flesh, and I’m freaking doing his episode! Gaaaaah!

photo 2

grabbed from Marc’s IG where he took a photo of us. Can you find where I am?

I loved his interview. I love how he loves the country, I think more than I do, even if he has no drop of Filipino blood. He may have not learned Tagalog in all his 16 years of being a permanent resident in the country, but he’s more Filipino than most of us. His insights are just, wow. Yung ginwapo ng mukha, singgwapo ng utak. And he cooks! He’s like a character from a movie that came to life and he’s just I don’t know, larger than life, I guess.

So he did all these things, I hope you have watched the episode, and afterwards I asked him about Amazing Race Asia. Their experience, what happened, his thoughts and everything and wow! Just wow! Never thought I’d be able to tell him that I was a big fan and what I thought about it as well.

Have you seen his house? Ah-maaazing!


Last Friday, we were finally able to shoot Rovilson with Ms. Kara. It took us a little while to complete the episode because he just got home and he just squeezed us in in his busy schedule.

If Marc is on the serious side of the fence, Rovilson is the complete opposite. I love how he answers Ms. Kara with jokes first before actually answering her seriously. We were all laughing in the background! I’m glad the audio didn’t caught that! Haha!

I also got to tell him how much I hated him when they lost and they broke my heart and I told my classmates to not talk to me because I’m grieving and he said he’s sorry. Hahaha!

photo 1

Rovilson took a photo of all of us, too! Both guys said this is the most people they’ve had at home! Haha

I could listen to these guys talk, forever. Plus I got to tell both about my thoughts in TARA 2 and I can go die now. Chareeeng! Super fan girl moment.


Writing the boys’ episode was hard for the following reasons: it was my first time, I adore the boys too much I want it as perfect as possible, and they have such great SOTs (sound on tape, that’s answers in layman’s term, I’m sorry I can’t help not to speak French) ang hirap magkatay! But I have to!

And since it is not free air time, I couldn’t possibly air everything that transpired during the episode even if I wanted to or even if I want to bring you all to the location so I’m leaving you with excerpts that were deleted. I’m sorry, I don’t know if it is possible to post them in clips, so here muna:

When Marc was asked if he got mad at Rovilson during the flag roadblock that lost them $100,000:

“Actually the reason that my face may look frustrated is I know how he felt. Because if the roles were reversed and I was doing a challenge that I couldn’t do I would be feeling oh my God I’m letting the team down. And so I was frustrated for him, not frustrated that he wasn’t getting it. But just frustrated you know for him because I know how frustrated he was getting.”

Some of Marc’s hardships when he was just starting out:

“I’ve been in a circumstance were it was very I certainly didn’t have a house like this. I was you know sharing a tiny little studio, I was living off peanuts and eating like a 5 peso rice with a couple of 10 pesos barbecue for dinner.”

When asked what happened after they lost the race and if people teased him about it:

“Oh here’s the best part that finale was during Valentine’s day, feb 14. So I had so many friends called me the next day and say bro because of you we didn’t go to dinner, we all watched the finale in our house, we cooked dinner, my girlfriend was crying because of you everyone was so mad at me, my girlfriend was crying bla bla bla we were so depressed. The whole house was so I’m sorry but hey I helped reduced the population in that one year di ba for 2007.”

This was his full statement in the latter part:

“Cue dramatic music. Well first of all you have to believe in your abilities. You know you really have to believe in yourself. No. 1, there’s a quote I  hope I don’t butcher it but it’s whatever you’re living for, isn’t as big as what you are made for. God I hope I got it right. Yeah. You are bigger than what you are capable of is even bigger than what you think you are made for and that is so true. You know you just have to, you only use 2% of your brain power right. I think that’s what it is yeah so it’s just what you give, you also get back so just put in energy put in time, preparation is key. Be open minded embrace everything. Don’t say no to anything. You know whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. All these cliches are cliches for reason and just go out there and be brave.”


Suffice it to say that the past weekend have been a “Darna!” weekend for me because of editing and collating photos and time coding and revisions and the whatnots of media production I wouldn’t want to bore you with. Just shouted “Narda!” earlier since I have aired. 😉


This was editing day 1. Too cute!

It was fun editing those two. Marc is such an eye candy and his photos were all breathtaking I wish you all can see it, while Rovilson is super funny and his pics with still hair is just super weird. Haha! It was such a breeze, I’m jut super sleepy and tired from the editing but these two kept me up.

But everything paid off when they both loved the episode and lots of people were inspired, and they said they got to know more about the two and I think that the bosses were happy too with my work and just this afternoon we found out it got high ratings, even with the earthquake, so ye know, all izz well.


I just have to repost this. Lol

The high ratings was just the tip of the iceberg, I just prayed for a breezy editing, that the boys will be happy, and an average rating, I told myself I would be happy with that, but whoa! With that, I rewarded myself with two pairs of shoes, one for each of the hard work I did for their feature. Haha! #shopaholicexcuses

Just glad that this duo’s episode fell on my lap, a perfect episode for a first time nangangapa sa dilim producer like me because I love them! My boss even said my passion for writing showed in here. Glad I did it.

Yun. I’m done! Just blogged about this because I realized I’ve been blabbing about it all day and maybe I need to get this out of my system before my friends will tell me to shut up already! Hahaha


So which do you think has proper better house???